Help Your Users Navigate With Breadcrumbs

Use breadcrumbs in order to add a secondary navigation scheme to your content and improve the SEO of your WordPress website.

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Help Visitors Navigate with Breadcrumbs

Use breadcrumbs for improved navigation and SEO


Guide users through your content

Breadcrumbs help visitors navigate through each section and subsection of their website

Visual Hierarchy
Breadcrumbs Design


Set the styling of your choice

Typography, colors, background, shadows, and more. It’s never been easier to create good looking breadcrumbs


Optimize your content for SEO

Add a secondary navigation scheme to your content 


Advanced Breadcrumbs Options


Yoast Integration

Elementor uses breadcrumbs from the Yoast SEO Plugin and allows you to design them visually

Google Maps

Optimizes UX

Shows users where they are on your site at all times, so they know how to find what they need

Magnifying Glass

Structured Data

Automatically add structured data to your breadcrumbs to get them indexed in search engines.

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Justin Easthall
Justin Easthall

Improve Your SEO With Breadcrumbs

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