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Design Original Text Paths Pave your own way and make your website standout by attaching text to any path you want. Choose from our list

Social Icons Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Social Media Icons Widget GET MORE FOLLOWERS Make it simple for users to find you on social media Find the most

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Menu Anchor Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Anchor Widget EASY ORIENTATION Simplify your navigation Make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for MENU ANCHORS Add

Google Maps Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Google Maps Widget ZERO SETUP REQUIRED Simplest setup process possible No coding necessary, just drag and drop the Google Maps widget

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Basic Gallery Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Gallery Widget IMAGE SHOWCASE Easily display your images Build a robust image gallery with as many images as you want IMAGE

Counter Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Counter Widget EMPHASIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE Put your achievements in the spotlight Draw immediate attention and highlight your most impressive stats  COUNTER

Star Rating Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Star Rating Widget RICH SNIPPETS Stand Out Among Thousands Of Search Results Increase your organic Google search ratings, increase CTR and

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Testimonial Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Testimonial Widget CUSTOMER TRUST Make your website personable and trustworthy Testimonials simplify your customers’ decision-making process USE CASES Brand loyalty starts

Icon List Widget

Why Web Creators Choose Icon List Widget FONT AWESOME 5 Endless icon options Use any icon from Font Awesome 5’s vast collection of icons SVG

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