What is WordPress Multisite?

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WordPress Multisite is an installation that allows one to create and manage a network of multiple websites from one WordPress dashboard. WordPress Multisite enables you to effortlessly make changes and keep all your websites updated from a single place.

With Multisite, you can create a network only accessible to you. Alternatively, you can add other users who can create sites within your network and restrict them from accessing more powerful WordPress features. All users of a WordPress Multisite network will share the same themes and plugins.

WordPress Multisite Use Case

Harvard University uses a WordPress Multisite network called Harvard Blogs. Anyone with a harvard.edu email address may create a blog. Bloggers can publish their posts on their sites; however, only the Multisite owner, called the “super admin,” can make changes throughout the site or install plugins.

Websites created on a Multisite network have separate media upload directories in the WordPress installation. In other means, every site has a distinct folder containing images and additional uploaded files. As such, you cannot access your site’s images from another website within the network.

Multisite Network Benefits

WordPress Multisite networks are an excellent choice for managing separate websites from one dashboard. Multisite networks are used by schools, corporations, universities, online businesses, news outlets, and more. You can even create your blogging platform (network of blogs) on one Multisite installation. 


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