What is the WordPress Admin Bar?

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A WordPress Admin Bar is a floating toolbar displayed at the top of the screen for all logged-in users. In addition, the taskbar shows handy shortcuts for these users.

Also, the WordPress Admin Bar contains links to give you fast access to different admin screens, the actual admin area, tasks, and all while viewing a website’s front-end.

Should You Display or Hide the Admin Bar?

When viewing the public pages on your site’s front-end, the admin bar can be distracting. It can also affect your site’s design and user experience. 

Luckily, there are several ways to hide or disable the admin bar and the items it displays for all users except administrators. Disabling is done by simply editing user roles and permissions. For instance, admin users see different items in the menu bar than those with editor roles.

Remember, just like everything else in WordPress, the Admin Bar is fully customizable through plugins or custom code. Some plugins already use this feature by adding their menus in the admin bar.


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