What Is a Web Form?

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A web form is an HTML form that appears on a website page, allowing visitors to enter their data. A web form is crucial for gathering visitor information and converting them into valid leads. 

For example, suppose a visitor wants to subscribe to a company newsletter. In that case, they have to do so by entering their email address in the web form fields and any other information the company wants to collect. This data is then sent to a server to be processed. 

Web Form Elements

Web forms are pretty simple when you analyze them. Basically, they comprise several elements which are expressed graphically inside the form. For example, a web form can include two text boxes asking for a username and password. The form also has a submit button labeled “Login,” which instructs the browser to send the form to the server.

Other web form elements include checkboxes, text fields, reset buttons, drop-down lists, or file select controls that allow uploading files. Web forms can also be customized with images, colors, and text. 

Web forms can be used in the “checkout” process on eCommerce sites, where customers enter their credit card details. In addition, a web form element is used when typing in a phrase in a search engine’s field box.

When to Use a Web Form?

Depending on your objectives, using a web form will have a specific purpose for different situations. For example, you can use them as a helpful contact method or a great way to generate leads and hopefully turn them into customers.

If you have an online store, you may want to include a sales order form as a convenience to your customers. Another beneficial use is offering a customer feedback form to better understand customers’ needs and what works and what doesn’t.

Overall, web forms are indispensable components of a business and, if used effectively, can significantly impact a company’s growth.


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