What Is a Project Scope?

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Project scope is the blueprint of how a site designer will create a client’s website. The project scope is a written plan for design companies to take a clients’ initial site ideas through to implementation. 

Project scope documents enable achieving the desired look and function, meeting budgets and launch deadlines, what the client must provide for project completion, and procedures for handling design plan changes and approvals. Above all, it details work pricing and the cost of deviations from the initial plan, work in progress. 

How to Write a Project Scope

Top web designers first ask critical questions before writing the project scope. Clear communication and understanding between clients and designers are essential to meet client expectations. The project scope should clarify requirements from start to finish to avoid unintended surprises derailing the project. The following are some core questions:

  • Project Goals – Simple definition of a project’s scope and objective and how to accomplish it – e.g., design an e-commerce site or mobile app with straightforward functionality.
  • Project Requirements – Defining functional requirements for the website such as how content is managed, whether it is an e-commerce site, whether a mobile version is required, or will responsive design suffice?
  • Project Elements – Specifying deliverables, such as content creation, specific programming needs, and any work other than design work to complete the project. Set deadlines for these items to keep to the schedule.
  • Project Organization – Listing who is responsible for different project sections – an organizational map for project progression. Includes programming or design deadlines, ongoing client review and approval, and deadlines.

This information enables drafting a project scope document and spearheading the design project. In addition, a comprehensive understanding of goals, needs, and expectations provides all project members with the knowledge they need to build an excellent site for the client and on time.


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