What Is A Flip Box?

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flip box is a customizable widget that adds interactivity to your site. The flip box is a box that flips over in animations of your choice when you hover over it. Creating this before and after effect makes your content more exciting, improves user experience, and accentuates your business features, products, and services.  

Why Use a Flip Box?

A flip box widget enables the easy creation of an interactive web design. Today, design is all about interaction, fun, attention-grabbing animations, stunning visuals, and more and more effects. Viewers are looking to be wowed by them and have come to expect no less from their UX.

Familiar widgets that involve visitor interaction include carousels, slides, and toggles. Flip Box adds another exciting option to create a sleek, streamlined user experience. A great use case would be applying the widget to make a unique and eye-catching Call to Action box. The CTA is one of the essential features of your site to get more conversions. So, pull out all the stops.

Flip Box Benefits

The Flip Box widget benefits will amaze your visitors and leave a lasting impression. They offer:

  1. Design flexibility through flip, push, slide, fade, zoom-in, and zoom-out effects.
  2. Interactive, customizable visuals amplify every aspect of your message and content: typography, image, gradient, and more. 
  3. Imaginative layout creativity to design a riveting collage of interactive imagery by experimenting with the flexible options within the flip box widget. 

Advanced Flip Box Options

  • 3D Effects​
  • Alignment & Position​
  • Backgrounds & Border​
  • Flip Directions​
  • Graphic Element​
  • Advanced Linking​


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