What Are Global Fonts?

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Global Fonts is a feature offered by Elementor version 3.0  to streamline web designers’ workflow. For example, if a designer uses the same font on various pages and wishes to alter it, Global Fonts employs the change across all pages using that font. 

Why Use Global Fonts?

A website’s font is a crucial element in web design and denotes a site’s brand identity. The font selection process is complicated enough as with choosing the color. Therefore, it is customary to see designers or site owners changing the font. 

Elementor’s Global Fonts enables changing the font on multiple pages simultaneously – including settings such as font family, size, style, and more according to the styling you want to accomplish. 

Another benefit is that it speeds up your workflow and ensures cross-site consistency with settings you define once, use globally, and change anytime – no coding required.

How to Use Global Fonts

Elementor’s Global Fonts apply to sites where several pages have the same structure. So, if you want to change a specific component’s typography, Global Fonts changes all pages using that component.

As with Global Colors, access Google Fonts via Elementor’s Global Settings panel. To access this panel, edit a page/template with Elementor. Click the hamburger icon on the top-left corner, select “Site Settings,” and then “Global Fonts” to open it. Then click the pencil icon on each global font to make the edit. Elementor has other easily navigable options to customize your Global Fonts.


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