What Are Custom Fonts In WordPress?

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Adding custom fonts in WordPress allows designers to use beautiful combinations of various fonts on a website to enhance typography and user experience. 

Besides visual appeal, custom fonts help improve readability, increase users’ time on a site, and create a brand’s image.

Elementor Custom Fonts

Elementor Pro’s Custom Fonts enable site builders to add self-hosted and Adobe Typekit fonts and use them on Elementor projects to create a unique brand language. While Elementor comes pre-built with a choice of over 800 default Google fonts, sometimes these are not enough. 

Web typography is essential to a site, making it stand out from the crowd. Therefore, many designers prefer to create additional professional and branded font styles that are only possible with custom fonts. 

Elementor’s custom fonts enable easy upload without needing extra font plugins. Moreover, users can sync all Typekit fonts with a click, get complete font control, and change fonts as much as possible.

It is important to note that loading too many fonts can slow down a website, so choosing about two fonts and using them across the site is recommended.


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