What Are Create Custom Post Types in WordPress?

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A Custom Post Type (CPT) is a WordPress post or page type that uses custom plugins or code. The concept involves adding functionality to your website without adding everything as a standard post.

Custom Post Types are very useful as they give site managers and developers a way to add new content and functionality without handling complex coding each time.

Why Use a Custom Post Type?

By default, WordPress has two content types – posts and pages. However, these are not entirely suited to sites with other content types. 

Site builders with different requirements may be constrained by the limitations of default “content types.” For example, the defaults are not the best for accommodating project documentation and listings, forms, client testimonials, or having over ten pages clustered under a WordPress parent page. The best option is making a new or custom post type.

A custom post type lets you get a page- or post-like interface for any content type you desire. The only limit to what CPT you create or how you use it is your imagination!


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