What do containers do?

Containers simplify page layouts, using only one wrapping element, instead of two – columns and sections, allowing you to group widgets together in a container. This approach will empower you to create highly sophisticated website designs, with significantly less DOM bloat

Using containers will enable you to: 

  1. Optimize layout – determine the direction, alignment, order, length, and placement of a widget, or a number of widgets within the container, without requiring additional columns or inner sections. This allows you to optimize the layout of widgets throughout the page. 
  2. Reduce DOM bloat – improve the performance of your website by reducing code output.
  3. Increase responsiveness – change the order of elements, entirely, between devices to adjust the user experience to any device.
  4. Enhance nesting capabilities – nest one container inside another, for greater flexibility and complex layouts. 
  5. Hyperlink the entire container wrapper – improve the usability of the website by hyperlinking the entire container wrapper. 

These capabilities, in turn, will allow for more website structures and designs, and allow Elementor to extend its editor capabilities even further and usher in a new standard for responsive design and performance.

Better design control

Using Containers allows you better control over the design. By first grouping elements inside a container, it can then be sized to fit perfectly on your page. You can control the layout and distribution of elements within the Container, and adjust your content to every screen size, resulting in greater responsiveness, without compromising on speed.

Better page performance

Reduce DOM bloat – improve the performance of your website by reducing code output. By using Containers you may nest widgets in a much more optimized way. Take a closer look at how using containers can reduce your DOM elements.

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