Using Containers

Adding containers to your page

You can add a flexbox container to your page by using one of the following methods:

  • Clicking the Plus sign to create a new container.

  • Dragging a container widget into the above box.

Note: Containers can be added inside of other containers. They will then be treated as the contained items of the upper container. You can create your entire page inside one container! This is useful for controlling the elements gap between the different sections of the page, while keeping your page responsive.

Adding widgets to a container

After adding a container, you can add widgets into it and continue building your page layout, or add another container into the first container, which is useful if you want to group several widgets together and apply the same settings on them.

Tip: Containers can support an almost infinite number of different layouts. Try out any layout you can think of while keeping in mind that you can always use nested containers for grouping widgets under the same styling and settings.

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