License Update: From Unlimited to Expert

Elementor has recently changed its Unlimited Plan. (The change was made on 13/5/2019). The plan has been renamed ‘Expert’, and it is topped at 1,000 domain license activations. Here is a list of common questions and answers related to the change.

After re-examining the Unlimited license, which has not changed for over two and a half years, we found that a small number of our customers (0.01% to be exact) exceeded the reasonable usage of their account by reselling Elementor. So, why did we choose the one thousand activation limit, you may ask. Given that our customers normally build dozens of sites a year, we came to the conclusion that the 1,000 activation cap will assure the reasonable usage of Elementor while giving you complete freedom to grow your business. 

This change will also have a positive impact on the service and support our customers receive, since it will exclude users who misuse our plan.

Here’s a list of common questions we received concerning the update:


Q: Why have you decided to limit the number of activations?

A: After researching the subject, we found a small number of users who exceeded the reasonable usage of our license. Setting the limit makes sure the Elementor subscription is not misused.

Q: Why 1,000 activations?

A: We decided on a 1,000 activation cap because we wanted to set a high enough bar so as not to restrict our users and retain their freedom to develop websites without holding them back. We wanted the Expert plan to stay as “unlimited” as possible.

Q: What is the Expert plan?

A: The Expert license is our largest license, which used to be called ‘Unlimited’. It is practically the same, only there is a limit of 1,000 domains per license. We are now working on several new features that will be added exclusively to the Expert plan.

Q: If I purchased the Unlimited plan a while ago, will it change to the Expert plan now?

A: Yes. From now on all Expert licenses are limited to 1,000 domains.

Q: Do you mean 1,000 sites every year, or is that number permanent?

A: Each license is open to 1,000 domains, no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Q: What happens if I deactivate a domain? Does that allow me to activate another one later?

A: 1,000 domain activations means “currently active”. So if you have 1,000 active domains, and you deactivate 1, you now have 999 active domains, and you can activate another one as needed. If you have 500 active domains, and you deactivate 100 of them, you now have 400 active domains, leaving you with another 600 available to activate in the future. 

Q: I already have the Unlimited plan and used it on more than 1,000 sites. What will happen with these extra activations?

A: In this case, instead of 1,000 activations, your account will be limited by your current number of activations. Let’s say you have 1,080 activations, you could keep using your license key for this amount of activation, but not exceeding it.

Q: What if I need more than 1,000 activations?

A: Wow – you’re a busy designer! If you reach 1,000 domains, you will need to buy another license. The Expert plan still gives an excellent price point in comparison to similar tools in the market.

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