How to Create an Inner Section Inside an Inner Section

While it is not possible to drag an inner section inside of another inner section, there is an alternative method to accomplish this by following along below.

  1. Drag a Inner Section to your page
  2. Select the parent column that the Inner Section resides in (not the Inner Section itself)
  3. Copy the contents
  4. In another column right click and paste the clipboard content
  5. This will add a new column with an Inner Section
  6. Delete the unneeded column
  7. Repeat steps 4 – 6 if needed
  8. Save your work

Mobile Example

This layout, while complex, does adapt to mobile devices. You will need to adjust the column widths.

Tip: This will create a lot of DOM elements and may affect your page performance. It should be used only in cases where it is mandatory.

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