How To Give Support Agents Permission To Your Website

In order for our agents to better help you, they may need administrative access to your website. You may safely grant access to an agent by following the steps in the following documentation.

Self Hosted And Hosted Elementor Websites

  1. Log in to your websites dashboard
  2. Click on Users in the side panel
  3. Click on the + Add User button
  4. Fill out the form
  5. For the Username (required) enter [email protected]
  6. For the Email Address (required) enter [email protected]
  7. Skip over the user details as they are not needed by our agents
  8. Password: We recommend using the password that WordPress automatically generates for you, as it is guaranteed to be strong. Please copy this password to your clipboard or paste it in your computer’s notepad, so you can give it to your representative later
  9. Role: Please select Administrator for the Role here. Any other role will prevent your customer experience agent from being able to solve your issue
  10. Click the Add New User button to finish the process and create the new user account
  11.  Provide your Elementor support agent with the address of your website and password. Please don’t rely on the “Send User Notification” for this. Elementor has many agents, and the specific one handling your ticket may not receive that notification. 

This user may be deleted once your solution has been achieved.

WordPress Hosted Websites

  1. Log in to your WordPress website dashboard
  2. Click on Users in the side panel
  3. Click the + Invite button
  4. Enter the following email address for the invitation: [email protected]
  5. In the Role section select, Administrator
  6. Click the Send Invitation button

This user may be deleted once your solution has been achieved.

Note: An invitation may be revoked by navigating to the Invites tab, selecting the invitation, and clicking the Revoke Invite button.

Important: You should always make a full backup of your website before granting access to support agents.

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