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Technical FAQ for Elementor 3.0

Last Update: July 17, 2023

Elementor 3.0 is a major version and includes some substantial infrastructure changes. 

Before you upgrade to v3.0, please make sure you backup your site, and if you’re using any 3rd party addon for Elementor, make sure it has compatibility for Elementor 3.0. Check the 3rd party addon’s changelog for any notes that indicate they’ve made it compatible or speak with the addon’s support channel if uncertain.


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core 3.0.11), with fixes which include:

  • Tweak: Added “Loading” state for Global controls to reflect data loading state
  • Fix: Inaccurate height in Divider widget
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts are not being generated on non Elementor pages
  • Fix: Inactive “Delicious” social network from Social Icons widget
  • Fix: Can’t restore the Site Settings document revisions
  • Fix: Creating a new Global Color or Font won’t reflect in other dropdowns until the controls section init
  • Fix: Selecting a new Global Color or Font won’t be indicated in the dropdown until the controls section init


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core 3.0.10 and Elementor Pro 3.0.5), with fixes which include:

  • Fix: `space_between_widgets` is missing on upgrade in some cases 
  • Fix: Global Color does not apply to some patterns in Divider widget 
  • Fix: Users with “Access to edit content only” aren’t able to access the Editor 
  • Fix: If the default page layout is set to “Canvas” Headers and Footers cannot be edited 
  • Fix: Global Color and Fonts that were deleted might cause style removal from the same element
  • Fix: Opacity indication is missing in the Global Color control dropdown and in the creation prompt
  • Fix: Wrong placement of “Add New” section in a Popup when using Optimized DOM mode
  • Fix: “Edit with Elementor” button is not in the correct location
  • Fix: Global Dropdown scrollbar has redundant border in Chromium based browsers
  • Fix: Entrance animation isn’t working on edge cases in Tabs widget

  • Fix: If the default page layout is set to “Canvas” Headers and Footers cannot be edited
  • Fix: Product Image Dynamic Tag throws an error when no image is set
  • Fix: Missing Single document placeholder in Theme Builder
  • Fix: Document editing handles inherit the `font-family` from 3rd party source
  • Fix: Can’t add linebreaks to Textarea input when used as Multi Step Form
  • Fix: Incorrect width in Facebook Page widget
  • Fix: Added compatibility to allow the use of ‘get_create_url’ in Theme Builder


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core 3.0.9), with one fix which includes:

  • Fix: Kit settings get deleted when modifying the Site Title or Tagline in WordPress Settings and Customizer screens, resulting in loss of styles and all Site Settings.


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core, with fixes which include:

  • Fix: Reverted Shape Dividers are in front other elements in Chrome 85 fix due to display glitches
  • Fix:  Auto Columns control setting causes layout to be displayed in one row in Social icons


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core 3.0.8), with fixes which include:

  • Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend 
  • Fix: Edit with Elementor button is missing from the admin top bar in some cases since WordPress 5.4 
  • Fix: Unexpected columns view when Inner Section is muted 
  • Fix: Some Shape Dividers are in front other elements in Chrome 85 
  • Fix: JS error `elementorCommon` is undefined
  • Fix: Site description doesn’t get updated from the ‘Customizer’ screen
  • Fix: When Global values aren’t available don’t return an empty object
  • Fix: Message After Submit RTL icon spacing glitch
  • Fix: Select2 control dimensions adjustments


We’ve released two new updates (Elementor Core 3.0.7 and Elementor Pro 3.0.4), with fixes which include:

  • Fix: Additional cases of Global Style inconsistencies in Editor and Frontend 
  • Fix: Plugins conflict on non-admin login to the dashboard 
  • Fix: PHP error undefined method `add_repeater_row` caused data updater issues and server overload 
  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts not being saved when created in Site Settings 
  • Fix: Shared link is attached to post text in Twitter Share Button widget 
  • Fix: “No route was found matching the URL and request method” error when using plain permalinks
  • Fix: Site favicon that was set from WordPress customizer is missing in Site Identity screen
  • Fix: Autogenerated screenshots appear in  WP media library modal 
  • Fix: Make sure Elementor Posts widget Pagination doesn’t interfere with 3rd party plugins 
  • Fix: Shrinking conditions indicator in Theme Builder
  • Fix: Column can’t be dragged and dropped if it populates a Global widget
  • Fix: Styles are missing from Single templates in some edge cases


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Core 3.0.6)

  • Fix: Global Colors and Fonts are missing on front-end (#12363)
  • Fix: Database update script causes unexpected errors (#12305)
  • Fix: Custom Breakpoints stopped working since v3.0 (#12320)
  • Fix: Shortcuts for Navigator is not correct (#12365)
  • Fix: Can’t close a Navigator since v3.0 (#11836)
  • Fix: Select field dropdown caret visibility issue in edge cases in Form widget (#12053)
  • Fix: Missing iFrame `title` attribute in Google Maps widget (#9955)
  • Fix: Missing default size unit selection in default Global Font properties `font-size` and `line-height` controls
  • Fix: Toggle widget title style missing in Editor
  • Fix: Exiting Site Settings menu after accessing it from “Manage Global Fonts/Colors” Global dropdown menu throws a JS error


We’ve released a new update (Elementor Pro 3.0.3), with fixes which include:

  • Fix: Pagination which didn’t work since WordPress 5.5 release
  • Fix: Change delete template action to “Move to Trash” in the new Theme Builder view


We’ve released two new updates (Elementor Core 3.0.5 and Elementor Pro 3.0.2). Some fixes in this update include:

  • Fix: Elements behave unexpectedly in the Editor when a custom repeater control is added to Column and Section elements which caused an issue with deleting some elements or having them disappear.
  •  Fix: Glitches in migration script for Gap Between Widgets global setting which caused an issue with margin/padding changes.
  •  Fix: Motion Effects not working when assigned to a column and throws 35 error when DOM optimization is disabled, which caused issues with elements disappearing in the front end.
  • Fix: Revisions not updating properly
  •  Fix: Multiple galleries displaying all images in Lightbox slideshow
  •  Fix: Old Theme Builder being opened when accessing through the Finder
  •  Fix: Card icon sizes in Theme Builder
  •  Fix: Preview button leads to “render_mode” instead of preview when importing a template from the new Theme Builder


We’ve released a new update ( 3.0.4 for the Core free version). Some fixes in this update include:

  • Fixed Global Colors and Fonts inconsistencies between Editor and Frontend in Core
  • Fixed Global dropdown not being available for all users in Core


We have released two updates, one for the free version ( 3.0.3) and one for Elementor Pro ( 3.0.1). These versions fix most bugs pointed out by our users.

We added an option to re-migrate Global Colors and Fonts from earlier Elementor versions. To see it go to  Elementor > Tools > Version Control > Rerun Update Script, and click Migrate to V3. This button re-migrates the data from the old site – and deletes the new stored values. Please note that this process will revert all changes made to Global Colors and Fonts since upgrading to v3.x.

The fixes include the issue related to forms and MailChimp, repeater related issues, and a DOM fix. The DOM fix means only users who manually enable the Improved DOM Optimization setting will see its effect, thus eliminating any issue caused by the DOM update.

This patch also solves most of the layout issues, form issues, and bring back the option to use the old Theme Builder.If you still have issues after updating to the latest versions, please continue reading.

If you still have issues after updating to Elementor 3.0, first go through these steps:

  • Make sure Elementor Core & Elementor Pro are both updated to the latest version.
  • Clear cache. See more information on this topic >
  • Clear localStorage.
    • Open the browser’s Console.
    • Select “Application” in the console’s top menu.
    • Select “Local Storage” in the console’s left menu.
    • Right click your site(s) and click clear to delete the local storage.
  • Regenerate CSS files. Go to Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS and click the Regenerate Files button.

Do I lose my current global settings when I update? 

No, we made sure all the settings are migrated properly. Saved Colors will now be renamed Global Colors. 

Will this new version with all it’s new features slow down my website?

No. Better yet, most setups will actually be sped up after upgrading to version 3.0. All the changes of Design System Features and Theme Builder work on the backend and don’t impact the live site. The performance improvements, including the removal of some HTML wrappers, should actually speed up your site.

See more information on this topic > 

What is DOM and do I really need it? 

When a web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document Object Model of the page. This is the DOM. We need it because, without it, the browser won’t know how to organize the page and present it to you.

See more information on this topic >

In what cases will the removal of HTML wrappers break my site?

The sites that might be impacted are ones with custom code or third party addons that hadn’t been updated to be compatible with Elementor version 3.0. In addition, any sites that have applied custom CSS to those specific wrapper classes may also be impacted. In this case, you should refactor your code to use different classes than those that have been removed. 

See more information on this topic >

Internet Explorer is no longer supported, what does this mean for me?

Read our official announcement. Also, this does not affect Microsoft’s newest chromium based version of Edge. That browser will be supported.

Upgraded to v3.0 but now my admin dashboard doesn’t load anymore

Please clear cache and your local storage.

This should clear old settings from loading in your Editor. 

I’ve upgraded to v3.0 but now my site has issues

Please follow these steps before you contact support. This way you’ll have a solution faster and our Support Engineers will be able to help others faster.

Will these updates and planned deprecations break my website?

In general, there shouldn’t be any issues, since we performed many tests before releasing this version. However, we do suggest checking your website, if something does break, follow these steps first to save you time. If this does not solve the problem, please visit our Global Community, or report an issue on GitHub. If those channels do not offer a solution for you and your problem seems an entirely new one, contact support for human assistance. Please be patient when waiting for a reply.

I got a message that says “Elementor Pro is not working because you are using an old version of Elementor.”

That’s because you upgraded your Pro version before upgrading your Core version, and Elementor Pro 3.0 is not capable of working with previous versions of Core. To get the latest version, try going to “Updates” in your WordPress dashboard, clicking the “Check Again”-button and see if there’s any update pending.

If not, go to Elementor > Tools and click on “Sync Library” – this should clear up the cache in your server’s pending updates list, and show up the update for Elementor core v3.0

If that still doesn’t work, manually downgrade Elementor Pro to the previous version (v2.10.3) by downloading the version from Elementor website, and uploading it to your site. Once you’ll get the Core version in your plugin list available, upgrade Elementor Core and then Elementor Pro

Where can I find more information about the new Theme Builder?

The new Theme Builder documents and many others can be found on our Docs website.

Have more questions? We’re more than happy to assist.

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Connect your domain to Elementor Hosting

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