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Why you Should Hire an Elementor Expert?

The experts we’re featuring are vetted freelancers who were hand-picked and approved by Elementor teams and partner platforms. They are freelancers who have been using Elementor for many years and have completed hundreds of different Elementor projects for clients.


This page centralizes where to look for the right freelancer to help you with your website. Whether you need website design, optimization, development or general assistance, you can find the best freelancers here for the job. Browse either Fiverr or Upwork and you’ll see listings with Elementor-approved experts.

The freelancers featured on Fiverr/Upwork pages are professionals that were hand-picked and vetted by those platforms and Elementor teams.

No, finding and connecting to a freelancer is completely free of charge. When you choose a freelancer, you will need to agree on the scope and price in advance of starting  any work.


You can contact freelancers and consult with them before you book so both parties understand and agree on the deliverables and price.


First, reach out to the freelancer through Fiverr’s or Upwork’s internal messaging option, and if needed, escalate your concerns to the support teams of those platforms so they can step in to help you resolve the situation.

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After applying and if approved, you’ll be open to receiving project requests from Elementor users who need help designing, building or optimizing their websites.