Engage Users With a Unique Scrolling Experience

Scroll Snap

Complete Control

Customize the way users interact with your website and control their experience across each page.

Fully Responsive

Adjust the Scroll Snap for every device to ensure users have an optimal experience however they view your website.

Increased Engagement

Pique users' interest throughout your website and encourage them to continue scrolling through content.

Perfect Solution for Visual Websites

Keep your content at the center of attention as users scroll through your website.

Control the Scroll Snap’s Behavior

Set the snap position to the top, center or bottom of each section, and decide how users experience your website.
Position and Functionality

Keep Website Elements in View

Add padding to ensure certain website elements, such as the website’s sticky header, are always in view when scrolling.
Scroll Snap Settings

Adapt the Experience to Each Device

Create an optimal experience on each device by configuring different scroll behaviors using custom breakpoints.
Responsive Websites

Create an Engaging Experience on Any Website

Learn How To Use Scroll Snap

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