Build & Manage Your Design System


Global Design System

Control all colors and fonts globally. Set a style and adjust it across your entire website in one click.

Streamlined Workflow

Save time by creating a cohesive design system, allowing you to work more efficiently and consistently.

Advanced Global Features

Gain even more control over your website’s behavior and functionality with Theme Style, and additional settings.

The One Panel Your Design System Needs

Control all global elements of your website, including website identity, lightbox settings, layout, and theme styles, from one convenient place.

Create Consistency
Across Your Website

Define your website’s design system with global colors. Save them once and apply them to any element on your website.
Global Colors

Build Strong Branding
With Fonts Styles

Choose the global typography for consistency across your website, and easily apply all changes from one place.
Global Fonts

Control Your
Design Elements

Choose and manage your theme design, including header, footer, typography, button, form field, and image styles.
Theme Styles

Explore the Site Settings Panel

Discover the must-have features that save you time on everyday tasks so you can focus on the work you love.

Global Custom CSS

Add Custom CSS globally and apply them throughout
your entire website.


Set the default color or gradient for your
website’s pages.


Control the standard width, space and
breakpoints of your responsive page.


Choose how your website looks and behaves
when a popup opens.

Site Identity

Distinguish your website by defining its name,
description, default logo, and favicon.

Additional Settings

Manage your integrations, Elementor experiments, and other advanced settings.

You Build Professional Websites.
Elementor Takes Care of the Rest.