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We are always on the lookout for great content for web creators. If you want to contribute an article that will empower our Elementor community, read through these guidelines, and submit your content!

General Guidelines

  • 2,000+ words submitted in an editable Google Doc
  • Follow AP style guidelines for titles and content
  • No spammy or promotional content, no listicles
  • Include images (authorized for our use, 720px width) inside document AND share via Google Drive link
  • All images should be numbered and have clear descriptive names
  • Include a bio with your headshot (square dimension at least 200×200)
  • One homepage link and social media account link in the author bio

Technical Guidelines

  • 2 links to your site in the article to resources, blogs, educational content, etc. (no homepage or promotional content)
  • Article must be centered around at least one target keyword

Elementor’s editorial team reserves the right to make final edits, which may include removing promotional content, removing competing links, or rewording copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my chance of publication?

  • Abide by general and technical guidelines
  • Own your subject matter
  • Write to our business audience
  • Provide useful and actionable advice
  • Use effective language and an easy-to-read structure
  • Include images (we love videos too!)
  • Use data when relevant – link to expert sources

When will my article be published?

We reserve the right to decide when and if an article is published based upon the adherence to our guidelines, a relevant brand partnership, and our current content calendar.

How will I know when my article gets published?

We will contact you if and once your article goes live, using the email you provided.

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