Today is the day — it’s finally here! We’ve been dreaming about giving you a better home to learn, grow, connect and share for over 3 years already. After months in the making, we’re thrilled to unveil the Elementor Hub: our community’s new home for all web professionals in the Elementor ecosystem.

The purpose of Elementor Hub is to connect members (both online and in-person, through meetups), provide a collaborative space for your discussions around key topics, and enable you to easily find answers to your questions — all to help you become the best web creator that you can be.

Check out the video below to take a spin around the Elementor Hub, and discover how it can enhance your community experience:

What Is the Elementor Hub?

We established the Elementor Hub to make our community members’ lives easier and better. In its current form, the Elementor Hub contains a forum for curated discussions and meetups, which cover an extensive array of topics. This is just the beginning – we have big plans for the platform and aim to make it the go-to place for anything related to web creation with Elementor.

The Elementor Hub offers chat rooms for different skill levels — beginners, advanced users, and experts. Additionally, you can find dedicated chat rooms for a wide selection of topics ranging from design, development, marketing, optimization, to scaling your business. We likely have a chat room for any topic that interests you; if not, simply let us know what you need.

Why Join?

Let’s dive deeper into the many ways in which the Elementor Hub can empower you:


  • Quickly and easily find answers through smart search and best answer upvoting.
  • Expedite your learning experience by immersing yourself in tips & tricks and best practices. 
  • Get the scoop on the latest Elementor product updates and exclusive sneak peeks.
  • Discover new business or career opportunities, and build your personal brand.


  • Connect with like-minded people during online and in-person Elementor meetups.
  • Network and build relationships with talented web creators from all over the world.
  • Engage in stimulating, topic-specific discussions.
  • Meet with Elementor employees and ask them anything. 


  • Establish yourself as a thought leader by helping other users find solutions to problems you’ve already solved.
  • Share your feedback on Elementor features or others’ projects. 
  • Join our elite Community Leaders’ program where you can make an impact by leading and growing your local and global community of web creators.
  • Help make Elementor accessible to international users by translating the plugin into your native language.

Join the Elementor Hub to be a part of our worldwide community of web professionals, who are all seeking to grow, be the best at what they do, and collaborate on endeavors with others in the community.

We can’t wait to meet you!