Elementor Talks #11: A Wicked Couple!

This week we have a first-of-its-kind podcast episode: Barbara and Mark, two members of our community and a married couple who runs their own design

Elementor Talks #10: Intentionality Without Trickery

Brian Gardner, a successful WordPress entrepreneur and the founder of StudioPress, shares his fascinating story, explains why he decided to sell StudioPress to WP Engine, and talks about practicing minimalism in his life and his career.

Elementor Talks #9: Finding Your Right Marketing Channels

In this week’s podcast episode, Kinsta’s CMO Brian Jackson shares creative sources for content ideas, talks about finding the right marketing channel, and discusses the potential of multilingual sites for generating traffic.

Elementor Talks #6: The Success Story of ACF

Elliot Condon, the man behind the popular CPT plugin, explains what led him to develop ACF, talks about the challenges of running a successful one-man show, and tries to predict the future of WordPress.​

Elementor Talks #5: Hacking Your Way to Success

Our guest this week is Gael Breton, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Authority Hacker. An authority in itself, Gael tells us his fascinating story that stretches between Kuala Lumpur to Budapest, explores the changes the SEO world went through, and talks about recent trends in content production.

Elementor Talks #4: Why Jupiter Theme is Switching to Elementor

This week we interview the co-founder of the company behind one of the most popular WordPress themes, Jupiter. We talk about design, functionality, the importance of customer feedback, and his company’s upcoming theme rebuild using Elementor.

Elementor Talks #2: Troy Dean of WP Elevation

I had the great pleasure to interview Troy Dean of WP Elevation for the second time. This time, we spoke about succeeding in the competitive world of WordPress.​