What Is a Bar Website?

A bar website is another business website. It serves to promote a bar. Not unlike the cafe website or the restaurant website, the bar website follows the same structure and layout, albeit with some changes to the colors and other design elements. The bar website should appeal to a specific crowd who enjoys the drink, performance and having a good time in general. People come to bars for fun and to wind down after a workweek, the bar website, therefore, should elicit this feeling of relaxation and excitement.

How to Make a Bar Website

The two basic things you’ll need to be able to create a bar website are a free WordPress account and a hosting provider.

Bar Website Builder

We recommend that you take a moment to consider using a bar website builder like Elementor. Elementor will enable total control over all the design elements of your website and will enrich your website with numerous great features.

Bar Website Templates

If you are unsure of where to begin your website creating a journey, we recommend that you take a look at the numerous available bar website templates. This could save you time and inspire you.

Bar Website Layout

The Ceo Kid Glmw7Nufui8 Unsplash Elementor How To Create A Bar Website The bar website layout follows the same principles as other business websites.


The homepage should immediately give a sensation of fund and excitement. To achieve that you’ll need to make it colorful and employ the use of animation. Add images of the bar, of people having fun and of your drink selection, particularly some fancy drinks that are hard to find elsewhere. Make sure that the navigation from this page to other pages is easy to see and use. You could always use animations like scroll effects to make the homepage even more appealing.

Menu Page

The menu is one of the main reasons why people visit your website. They need to know what you offer and for what price. Invest in making this page visually nice and clear. Highlight the special things that you do, in terms of food or drink.

Events Page

Most bars have some events, be it a Happy Hour, a band performing live, a themed dress party or something similar. This is great for generating clientele, and as such, you should focus your efforts on marketing these events and highlighting them on the events page.

Contacts Page

The contacts page, in addition to having all the relevant contact information, as well as a form for your customers to leave their information, we recommend that you invest in having a reservation option, be it through a form or another plugin. Make the process of booking a table at your awesome bar easy.

Bar Website Design

Jeff Sheldon Jwimshwif14 Unsplash Elementor How To Create A Bar Website The bar website design, as we’ve mentioned should be inviting. This could be done through various color schemes. For example, if your bar focuses on having bands, we’d recommend that you choose a black background with white or gold supplementary colors to create the right atmosphere by employing a similar design to what mainstream bands use. If your bar, for example, focuses on a chill atmosphere with unique drinks, we’d recommend that you go with regal colors, to create a sense of uniqueness.

Mobile-Friendly Bar Website

Matthew Fournier Giudamzha94 Unsplash Elementor How To Create A Bar Website Chances are that a person or a group of people who’d be looking for a bar to visit after work would do so from their mobile devices. That is why it especially important taking the time to make sure that your website looks great on mobiles. Things like images, spaces between elements and mobile-unfriendly features should be taken into consideration, customized or removed entirely.

Tips for Building a Bar Website

Use Popups

We recommend that you use popups to catch the user’s attention. Make special deals more visible, and make upcoming events more noticeable.

Bar Website Examples

Bad Luck Bar

Bad Luck Elementor How To Create A Bar Website

Lis Bar

Lis Bar Elementor How To Create A Bar Website