What Is Maintenance Mode In WordPress?

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Maintenance Mode allows site administrators to display a user-friendly notice during website maintenance to visitors rather than a broken site. 

Maintenance Mode also allows performing maintenance tasks safely while ensuring that those who need, still have site access. 

Only administrators can view or use the site during maintenance or before it has launched. Administrators can test the site and make sure it is fixed or ready for launch. When users see a “maintenance mode,” “coming soon,” or “under construction” page, they understand that the site is temporarily down. 

When Should You Use Maintenance Mode?

Some circumstances that may require setting your site to maintenance mode include:

  1. Making site changes
  2. Fixing a bug
  3. Launching a new service or product
  4. Launching a site redesign
  5. Alerting search engines that your site is down for repair or is going to be launched 

How to Put WordPress Into Maintenance Mode

There are different methods to put WordPress into maintenance mode, including: 

  1. Use some custom code to manually enable WordPress’ built-in maintenance mode page, along with a basic custom message.
  2. Install a free or paid-for maintenance mode plugin that gives you access to maintenance and/or coming soon modes.
  3. Elementor includes free templates for creating maintenance mode, coming soon, or under construction pages.


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