What is a Page Builder?

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page builder is a plugin or a theme component that allows users to structure and design responsive pages. The Page Builder tool enables one to build pages even on complex sites with minimal time, effort, and technical knowledge. Then, just as you’d play with Legos, you can select, rearrange, and style what you want on your site.

Why Use a Page Builder?

Many people are willing to create their websites without designers or developers thanks to tools such as Page Builder. Why? Because the tool’s pre-built elements simplify the site-building process. With the right page builder solution, one can save thousands of dollars and several months on the process by hiring a web developer to create a coded, static HTML/CSS site.

With its drag and drop editor, Elementor is a well-known Page Builder choice. It also allows editing, creating, and customizing a website layout without writing a single line of code. The outcome is easy-to-use, flexible, and efficient page building.

Page Builder Use Cases

  1. Design websites with no or limited coding knowledge.
  2. Add contact and sign-up forms with links in minutes.
  3. Rapid development with minimum effort. 
  4. Easily add blog posts and images.
  5. Pick pre-built modules (aka blocks) from a list.
  6. Customize modules with many options, such as adding animations. 
  7. Create websites faster using pre-built layout templates for specific page types (e.g., demo pages).
  8. Switch themes without significant impact.
  9. Avoid fees and availability problems of professional designers.

A page builder can resolve many of the primary requirements of designing a website!


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