What Is a Brand Mark?

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A brand mark is a symbol, mark, or image representing a brand that helps instantly identify a specific company. 

brand marks visually convey your company’s feeling, message, or meaning to audiences by stripping away letters, words, and all text from a logo. The brand mark is vital for creating and sustaining a brand’s image. It is not to be confused with a logo.

The Importance of a Brand Mark

Brand identity involves conveying the idea of a company and what it stands for, not just a visual asset. Some tools that communicate the brand message to reach a target audience are brand fonts, colors, and logos.

Today more than ever, visual content is critical in daily life. One survey shows that 65% of people learn visually. One cannot ignore that people better absorb the information they see.

Influencing Factors

Many factors influence a brand’s success, including imagery. It is essential to know that images can improve conveying your message and emotions quickly. Global companies spend a great deal of time, creativity, attention to detail, and decision-making to create a brand. Excellent examples are the instantly recognizable Nike’s swoosh and Amazon’s “yellow smile,” which don’t need text to be identified.

What’s The Difference Between a Brand Mark & a Logo?

Brand mark and logo concepts are sometimes confused. In brief, a logo is a graphical or visual image that people quickly associate with a company’s brand. Logos are constructed to be permanent though they may be altered over time. 

Compelling logos are elegantly designed and visually enticing. Most companies design logos based on current market trends; some are basic and minimalistic, while others are entirely aesthetic.

A brand mark is part of the brand that cannot be verbalized. In other words, it is the distinctive combination of letters, symbols, design, image, picture, or a visual depiction of the brand. The choice of representation supports the brand name, which conveys the message to an audience using only an image. The brand mark can be completely different from a company logo or may form part of the logo’s characteristics or image.

Creating a Successful Brand Mark

Tips for creating an effective brand mark include: 

  • Select a brand mark that best represents your company
  • Make the brand mark easily understood
  • Make the brand mark easy to memorize
  • Make sure the brand mark expresses your identity
  • Use the brand mark consistently across all channels
  • Create a brand mark that defies time without going out of fashion
  • Make a brand mark that induces emotion with customers


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