Full Comparison - Pro VS Free

Drag & Drop Editor without code.yesyes
Access To Pro Updatesnoyes
24/7 Supportnoyes
Design Free Pro
Mobile Editing, 100% Responsive yes yes
300+ Pro Templates & Blocks no yes
Custom Fonts & Adobe TypeKit no yes
Motion Effects & Mouse Effects no yes
Slides & Carousels no yes
Custom CSS no yes
Scrolling Effects no yes
Animated Headlines no yes
Flip Box no yes
15+ More Design Widgets no yes
Marketing Free Pro
Landing Page Builder, Incl. Canvas Template yes yes
Popup Builder no yes
Sticky Elements no yes
Social Buttons & Integrations no yes
Social Proof Widgets no yes
Call To Action Widget no yes
Form Widget no yes
Evergreen Countdown no yes
Action Links no yes
Lightbox no yes
15+ More Marketing Widgets no yes
Theme Builder Free Pro
The Fastest Theme On WordPress: Hello Theme yes yes
Theme Elements no yes
Display Conditions no yes
Header And Footer no yes
Sticky Header no yes
404 Page no yes
Single Post no yes
Archive Page no yes
Role Manager no yes
15+ More Theme Widgets no yes
Dynamic ContentFreePro
Request Parametersnoyes
Custom Field Integrationsnoyes
20+ More Dynamic Widgetsnoyes
Ecommerce Free Pro
Price Table Widget no yes
Price List Widget no yes
Product Archive Template no yes
Single Product Template no yes
Woo Products Widget no yes
Woo Categories​ Widget no yes
WooCommerce Templates & Blocks​ no yes
20+ WooCommerce Widgets no yes
Forms Free Pro
Contact Forms no yes
Subscription Forms no yes
Login Form no yes
Action After Submit & Redirect no yes
Confirmation Email no yes
Email HTML / Plain no yes
Custom Messages no yes
Advanced Form Fields no yes
Upload Files no yes
Hidden Fields no yes
Acceptance Field no yes
Spam Filtering no yes
Integrations Free Pro
MailChimp no yes
ActiveCampaign no yes
ConvertKit no yes
Campaign Monitor no yes
HubSpot no yes
Zapier no yes
DonReach no yes
Drip no yes
GetResponse no yes
Adobe TypeKit no yes
ReCAPTCHA no yes
Facebook SDK no yes
Slack no yes
MailerLite no yes
Discord no yes
Honeypot no yes

Unlock All of Elementor’s Capabilities With Pro

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