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INTRODUCING Elementor 3.4

For Limitless

Elementor 3.4 is packed with new features that give you even more control over your designs and keeps your pages running smoothly. Create designs for any screen, speed up your page load, & more.

Change the Way You
Design Responsive Websites

So That You
Can Customize

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desktop 1 Elementor 3.4 3
tablet Elementor 3.4 7
mobile Elementor 3.4 9

For More
Mobile Screens

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And Tablet

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And One More For Wide Screens, Because There’s Always A New Size...

Break Design Boundaries
With Customized Breakpoints

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Additional breakpoints

Use additional breakpoints to design for even more devices. See how your creations look on any screen size, and ensure your designs stay pixel-perfect on every device.
additional breakpints Elementor 3.4 17
custom breakpoints Elementor 3.4 19

Custom breakpoints

Control each breakpoint value individually and customize them to fit your needs. Enjoy complete design flexibility without writing a single line of code.

Visible responsive values

Visualize how values cascade from one device to another. See the starting values and change the breakpoints accordingly to keep your designs consistent on each screen.
v responsive values Elementor 3.4 21

Deep Dive Into Additional Breakpoints

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Speed Up
Your Page Load

Performance Improvements

Better Breakpoints, Better Performance

Enjoy better response time, memory usage, and traffic data to the Editor load. See a boost in performance simply by activating the additional breakpoints experiment.
Custom breakpoints
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Less Loading,
More Speed

Unlocked Elementor 3.4 29 Font Awesome - Icons to SVG Experiment Boost page loading speed with a seamless conversion of Font Awesome icons to SVG.
Bolt swich Elementor 3.4 31 JS File Size Reduction We dropped support for older browsers and reduced JS file size by up to 110KB to load pages faster.

You Build Websites.
Elementor Takes Care of the Rest.

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