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Cloud security & performance

Built-In Hosting With GCP

Elementor Cloud is based on Google Cloud Platform, providing the same level of of world class performance and protection that Google uses for its own products.

CDN by Cloudflare

Elementor uses Cloudflare, one of the largest geographically distributed computing platforms in the world, with the best network performance and scalability around.

A Security-First Mindset

Security is built into the fabric of our cloud products. Our dedicated team of security specialists use a wide set of cloud-native tools to monitor activity and mitigate risks.


Firewall Protection

By leveraging IP protection from Google Cloud Platform alongside Cloudflare’s firewall solution, we block malicious traffic with extra rulesets, giving your website the best protection possible.

DDoS Safeguards

Cloudflare’s protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, safeguards your site from fraudulent flooding of large amounts of traffic within a short period of time.

SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser, helps protect your online transactions and keeps customer data safe and private.

Encrypted Connections

Data is encrypted, end-to-end and secured to prevent any unauthorized access using Cloudflare, along with the same infrastructure that Google uses for its own Cloud customers.


Reliability Built-in

The Google Cloud Platform uses multiple virtual servers for redundancy. If any server develops an issue or gets overburdened, an automatic failover process will switch over to another server or allocate more resources.

High-Performance CDN

Our Content Delivery Network by Cloudflare uses a global edge network to serve content closest to where visitors are located, and according to Cloudflare, can reach 95% of the world’s population within 50 ms.

Next Generation HTTP/3

HTTP/3 is next in the evolution of the HTTP protocol, and is now available on all sites hosted with Elementor Cloud. It supports encrypted HTTPS, and speedier SSL handshakes, making your website faster and more secure.

The Gold Standard in Website Hosting

Join the #1 web creation platform for WordPress. Count on a first-class level of performance and
security and grow your business with confidence.

Premium Support

With Elementor Cloud, you’ll have access to our 24/7 live chat with high priority given to your tickets. Our support professionals have multiple tools on hand to quickly debug and troubleshoot issues.
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FAQs to Ease Your Mind

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An Elementor Cloud Website is perfect for web creators who want to focus on building their professional website hassle-free. This end-to-end solution gives you everything you need in one place and is great value for money. Additionally, it can be an excellent solution for anyone building websites for clients as it enables a straightforward handoff process and makes it easy for them to maintain.
Elementor Cloud Website gives you everything you need to build your website. It’s an all-inclusive solution that has hosting built-in and WordPress and Elementor pre-installed. Here are some more details:
  • Built-in hosting from Google Cloud Platform
  • Secure CDN by Cloudflare
  • Free SSL certification by Cloudflare
  • 20GB storage
  • 100GB bandwidth
  • 100K monthly visits
  • Free custom domain connection
  • Free subdomain under elementor.cloud
  • Automatic backups once every 24 hours
  • Manual backups from My Elementor account
You also get all the benefits of Elementor Pro, including the drag & drop editor, all Pro widgets, features, kits and templates. PLUS, you get support for everything, from the Editor to Hosting, all in one place.
We’ve set the limit to accommodate most website scenarios, and allow you to grow and succeed. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that you will surpass the plan’s limitations. Should this situation arise, we’ll make sure to provide the proper support.
Elementor uses Google Cloud Platform. This means you get protection for your website data, applications, and infrastructure. Additionally, it protects customers from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse with the same infrastructure and security services that Google uses. We use specially tailored Kubernetes-based services to support your website’s changing needs, being able to spin up new servers to support high loads automatically. This allows us to scale your Elementor Cloud Website applications up and down to fit changing needs.

Your website is fully hosted on Elementor servers in Belgium. We do all the heavy lifting around server maintenance so you can focus on building your website.

Note that CDN is built into our offering in order to give you the best possible website availability and performance. This means we provide you with a geographically distributed network of servers and data centers. CDN takes load off the origin server and if one location becomes unavailable, another location serves the content. With content distributed across many locations worldwide, applications can handle higher traffic volumes. Additionally, this distribution helps users reach your website faster loading content in less time. Website owners should be aware that different countries may have different regulations regarding information security requirements and the location of servers. If there are any questions regarding this topic, please reach out to us.

Regarding security, no as ‘security’ means a lot of things. We monitor for malicious behavior of websites and will stop websites if we suspect they have been hacked. That being said, we do
encourage you to take additional steps to guarantee your website’s security.

Similar to security, there are multiple types of optimizations. You do not need to install any plugin that helps optimization through caching. However, if you have large media files, for example, you might want to install plugins that improve image loading.

There is no need for additional backup plugins. We provide daily backups, and you can manually back up at any time.

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