Take Full Control Over Your Web Creations​


Advanced Features

Elevate your web creations with special features such as Dynamic Content, Motion Effects, Custom Styles, and more.

Custom Control

Fully control and customize every aspect of your websites with advanced CSS and custom code.

Completely Expandable

Join a powerful network of professionals who utilize open-source solutions and create their own widgets and templates.

Build More With Dynamic Content​

Use your data sources to create multiple pages from one layout or show personalized content to different users.

Dynamic Layouts​

Create one layout to use across multiple pages, such as all your product pages, blog posts, or listings.

Apply changes in your layout once and have all your pages updated automatically.​
Dynamic Layouts​
Personalized User Experience​

Personalized User Experience​

Design personalized experiences with dynamic user fields.

Create a profile page that includes the user’s name, photo, and other personal details, or build a welcome popup that will greet the user by name.

Add Information Using Custom Fields​

Elementor works seamlessly with leading WordPress plugins.

Build Powerful Websites Without Design Limits​

Custom CSS​

Add custom CSS to manipulate the appearance and behavior of any section on your website.
Custom CSS​
Custom Code

Custom Code

Implement third party tools like Google Analytics or meta tags. Write snippets in PHP for even greater flexibility.


Upload your own fonts to Elementor or connect Adobe Fonts to achieve total brand consistency.
Customize Breakpoints

Customize Breakpoints

Use breakpoints to get the perfect design on any device. Customize up to 7 devices, with the ability to fit your designs to every screen.


Access 1,500+ Font Awesome 5 icons. Integrate with other icon generators, or upload your own.

Create Advanced Animation Effects

Impress visitors with interactive features and animations using Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects. Tell a captivating story on your website with the built-in Lottie animation widget.











Scrolling Effects

Wow your visitors as they scroll by adding Parallax, Horizontal, Blur, Scale, or Rotate effects.

Mouse Effects

Make elements stand out by tilting them up, down, left, or right relative to your visitors’ mouse movements.

Lottie Animation

Upload tiny, high-quality lottie files. Set dimensions, and choose the trigger, such as viewport, scroll, hover and click.

Transform on Hover

Increase user engagement by transforming elements upon hover. Make them rotate, skew, offset, scale or flip.

Make the most of open source

Access Elementor’s extensive documentation for developers and get the true value of open source.
Make the most of open source


In-depth guides written to accomplish any task.

Custom Widgets

Full documentation on how to create your own widgets.

Code References

Complete code references available for Elementor task. community of like you. Build incredible websites.

Developer Blog

The latest information, insights, announcements, and news for developers like you Build incredible websites.

Build Your Own Widgets and Themes

Extend Elementor and join dozens of developers that are creating widgets and themes, using our extensive Developer API
Developer Docs
Build Your Own Widgets and Themes

Join The Global Community of Web Creators

Showcase your work, seek advice, and support other webcreators from around the world.
Global Community

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