In this article, we explore some of the most helpful add-ons for Elementor, developed by several talented third-party developers.

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Elementor is an extremely extensive plugin, especially if you compare it with other single-purpose plugins like Hide Comments. With it, you have the ability to manage a wide array of WordPress functionality. This includes customizing your sites images, forms, sliders and so on.

Even though you can do a lot with our plugin, some functionality is bound to be left out. 

This is where 3rd party addons & plugins come-in handy. 

While our internal team has to stay focused on our roadmap and key developments, external developers can more freely sidetrack and develop imaginative features, like a typing effect headline for example.

Envato Elements

Need extra templates? Who doesn’t…

Envato Elements includes a collection of over 2,000+ amazing designer-made Elementor templates, covering a huge variety of over 80 full website kits. You can find any category of templates, from travel to insurance, spanning different pages and blocks.

PowerPack for Elementor

PowerPack for Elementor is built by IdeaBox Creations. It adds 30+ Creative Widgets to Elementor and makes building websites even more fun job! There are widgets like Table, Restaurant Menu, Popup Box, Image Hotspot, Before/After Images, Content
Toggle, Countdown Timer, Instagram Feed, Info Carousel etc. which makes
it a useful addition to your toolkit.

Other than this form styling widgets for popular form builder plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WP Forms & Caldera Forms make it very easy to design forms with Elementor. There’s a lot more! So, go ahead and check out the complete list of widgets in PowerPack for Elementor

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration

MotoPress is one of the earliest page builders for WordPress ever created. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised that the team behind MotoPress decided to integrate their Hotel Booking plugin with Elementor. This way, users get  a more user-friendly toolkit for building your property rental website visually.

You’ll be able to see all MotoPress Hotel Booking shortcodes and widgets (e.g. search availability form, rentals listing, etc.) in the list of the content modules in the Elementor builder. 

Press Elements

Press Elements, from the founder of GenerateWP allows you to add certain site elements into Elementor. These elements include the site title, description, and logo. You can also add site counters, which are site stats like the number of posts in your site. The plugin also lets you add certain post elements, including title, excerpt, date, author, terms, featured image, custom fields and comments.

Inside Press Elements you have further features, including an Image Accordion, a Before After Effect slider and a sticky notes display. Finally, it offers Elementor integrations to ACF, Gravatar, Flickr, and Pinterest.

Anywhere Elementor

Anywhere Elementor offers the same functionality of one of Elementor Pro’s features. This functionality allows you to embed template shortcodes.

With this plugin, you can save templates, and then embed their shortcodes anywhere in your site, including inside other Elementor pages. AE, as it is called in our Facebook group, also has a pro version.

This version includes some interesting features like creating multiple post layouts, adding individual post elements, creating hooks to GeneratePress and OceanWP, WooCommerce Category & Single page product layouts and more.

Elementor Contact Form DB

Elementor Contact Form DB stores your form submissions. This way, all the leads and submissions that are submitted to your site are logged into your site. Instead of just sending them to your email, you always have a backed up submission list for your leads.

After you install this plugin, all Elementor form submissions will automatically be saved to the plugin, with no extra setup needed.

WooRocks Magic Content

WooRocks Magic Content is a handy plugin for membership sites. With this plugin, you can restrict access to sections, and only allow access to logged in users, specific user roles or to logged out users.

* Update – We’ve been told this plugin caused the site to crash so we recommend to try it first on development sites alone.

More Responsive Tablet 4 Elementor

More Responsive Tablet 4 Elementor gives breakpoint control for tablets, so you can decide just how your website will look like on Tablet devices.

Elementor has this ability for mobile, and this plugin extends that control for tablet devices as well. Once you install the plugin, you will be able to see it in the advanced table under the column setting. There, you can set the device column width on tablets.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

SiteOrigin’s Widgets Bundle was originally created for SiteOrigin’s page builder plugin. It has recently been re-released with an updated version, adding built-in Elementor compatibility. This means you can use every widget in the bundle within the Elementor editor.

This includes the following widgets: Google Maps, Button Widget, Image Widget, Call To Action Widget, Slider Widget, Price Table, Post Carousel Widget, Features Widget, Video Widget, Headline Widget and Social Links Widget.

Addon Widgets For Elementor

Addon Widgets is a popular plugin that has been developed by one of our top community members,  Zulfikar Nore. This developer, apart from creating plugins, has been also active helping answer countless questions asked by the Elementor Community group on Facebook (If you are reading this, thanks buddy!).

This plugin adds several native WordPress widgets. These include WooCommerce Product Categories, Recent Products, Best-Selling Products, Featured Products, On Sale Products, Popular Products, Recent Posts and Posts By Category.

Elementor Addon Elements

Addon Elements is a great addon that adds several widgets to Elementor, including Flip Box, Text Separator, Price Table, Post List, Animated Text and Split Text.

Out of these widgets, I personally liked best the Split Text, which lets you add a single headline with two separate styles. I also found the Animated Text useful, as it lets you add a headline with a typing effect.

Void Elementor Post Grid Addon for Elementor

Void’s plugin is really hot off the press, but the developer pinged us so I tried it out. With the Void plugin, you have 5 options to display your posts: Grid Layout, List Layout, 1st Full Post then Grid, 1st Full Post then List and Minimal Grid. Out of these options, I found the most useful to be the ‘1st full post then list’ layout, because this is a popular grid for blogs.

With this layout, you can showcase the first blog post as large, taking up the entire section, while the rest of the posts are displayed in a list.

Addons We'd Love to See More Of

As Elementor is growing and becoming a household name, we see a growing need for creating integrations with other WordPress plugins as well as external API services.

Already, professional developers and plugin authors like Codeable have created an amazing assortment of plugins and solutions, expanding Elementor further.

We have made an effort in that direction ourselves, recently releasing form integrations to MailChimp and MailPoet. There is, however, much more integrations developers can create.

Conversion optimization tools, email services, WordPress plugins… Creating integrations is by far the best contribution possible for Elementor, at least from our standpoint.

It has the potential of helping thousands of users that are searching for a way to combine Elementor with their favorite online tools. A special mention has to go to Rami Yushuvayev, the developer of Press Elements that was mentioned earlier, who created several useful integrations like the Pinterest integration.

Expanding Elementor

Extending Elementor is something we are very interested in encouraging. That’s why we invest a lot of efforts on helping add-on developers in various ways. These include releasing a well-documented API, creating a beta-tester group and engaging in responsive communication with other developers on our GitHub page.

I’m happy to say it worked. Today there are numerous helpful Elementor addons out there. These add-ons have been created by highly skilled developers, who dived deep into the core of the plugin and expanded it further. We have seen a growth in the number of add-ons being developed for Elementor. More and more developers seem to pose an interest in joining in the fun and develop something new.


Before I close, I want to remind you these are all third party plugins built by external developers. If you run into any issue when using one of them, please contact the developers of the plugin. I am sure they will be happy to help.

I hope you’ve found some useful examples of Elementor addon plugins for your website. If you are a developer and want to extend Elementor yourself, please visit our GitHub page and our API documentation to get started.