Our Story

Elementor is an intuitive, front-end site builder for WordPress. It empowers designers to take full control over their sites and complete projects faster than ever before. Since launching in 2016, Elementor’s reach now extends to more than 180 countries, has more than 3,000,000 active installs, and is loved by many, as seen in over 3,000 five-star reviews.

Why We Built It

First and foremost – Elementor was born because we, as web professionals, needed such a tool.

Every new project we took on brought new frustrations. Completing a website design in a WordPress environment was a never-ending process. Every minor change had to be done manually, with lots of coding and guesswork.

The lack of flexibility in WordPress design excluded many potential users from choosing WordPress as their website building platform.

As active contributors to and believers in Open Source, we decided to offer a more accessible alternative, providing the right solution for every step of the web designer’s workflow.

We sought to improve every step of the website building process, and that’s exactly what we did.

Making WordPress design a visual process proved beneficial not only to web designers. It was also appreciated by:

– Content writers and bloggers creating richer content faster.

– Developers extending Elementor’s visual functionality, instead of laboring over theme files.

– Marketers building high-converting websites and managing their various marketing efforts from one place.

Web design affects every professional involved in web creation, and Elementor has become a vital part of that process.

Our mission is to empower web professionals to create powerful and beautiful websites using the most comprehensive all-in-one design solution.

Values & Vision

We see Elementor as a comprehensive solution for web creators, empowering them to build effective websites with minimum hassle & maximum fun.

At Elementor, our team has a certain way of approaching challenges. It can be summed up like this:

  • Before the challenge: Approach every task without preconceptions, with minimum ego, be fully committed, while listening openly and attentively to the other side.

  • During the challenge: Find innovative, creative ways to deal with the issues at hand. Invest in the most comprehensive and professional problem-solving process you can, without ever cutting corners.

  • After the challenge: Your solution should be fast, simple, and intuitive. Offering maximum power, flexibility, and superior design, while demanding minimum effort and hassle on the part of the user.

Elementor strives to make a significant contribution to the ongoing evolution of web design, on an international scale, to accelerate small and medium business growth.

We are fulfilling this mission by resolving the most frequent design challenges one by one. Elementor has developed into a community-driven platform that is much larger than its core team. The ecosystem that has evolved around Elementor is part-and-parcel to its growth and robustness.

We believe that the right design tool can leave a mark on the entire world wide web, enhancing sites of all colors and niches in terms of speed, UX, and design.

Meet the Team


Yoni Luksenberg

Co-Founder & CEO


Ariel Klikstein

Co-Founder & CTO


Yakir Sitbon

Lead Developer


Ben Pines



Boaz Haimovits

Head of Support

Ariela Bichler


Eran Yoran

Head of Business Innovation


Mati Horovitz



Moran Trabelsi

Product Designer


Kobi Zaltzberg


Saar Kedem

Head of Education


Josh Marom



Gabriel Dogue

Tech Support

Ohad Raz


Shilo Eish Yemini

Project Manager


David Roshi

Tech Support

Dany Marrache

Product Designer

David Markus

Product Designer

Irena Golodnikova

Customer Support TL

Matan Naveh

Blog Editor

Zvi Shapira

Business Development

Aviv Umflat

Web Designer

Shawon Chowdhury

Tech Support

Cesar Correchel

Tech Support TL

Anatoly Skidkin

Tech Support TL

Tanvir Mahbub

Tech Support TL

Soyket Chowdhury

Tech Support TL

Astar Shatzky

Office Manager

Asaf Feider

Creative Director

Julien Driquez

Project Manager

Aljon Alipante

Tech Support

Eli Yurkovsky


Donna Cavalier


Shay Helman

Tech Support

Hadas Golzaker

Designer & Educator

Ziv Geurts

Designer & Educator

Alina Khazanova

Product Designer

Nurit Shahar


Kai Habawel

Tech Support

Lisa Raz

Social Media Manager

Nofar Paecht

Community Manager

Ifat Meshulam

Recruitment Manager

Natan Leibzon

Projects Creator

Neta Dror

Full Stack Marketer

Ricardo Rivera

Tech Support

Udi Dollberg

Web Developer

Mansoor Ahmad

Tech Support

Itai Malek

DevOps Manager

Alon Tsevi

Business Dev Associate

Daniel Katz

Full Stack Developer

Simi Zelikovitch

Designer & Educator

Carmit Cohen

Head of Data Engineering

Tosin Ralph Olaniyi

Customer Support

Alba Ante

Tech Support

Ian Melenders

Tech Support

Pepe Camacho

Tech Support

Alexey Garberman

Art Director

Ran Ziskovich


Daniella Zilberfeld

Office Manager

Maayan Lazarovich

Web Designer

Sarah Buchinger

Data engineer

Simon Shocket

Content writer

Paula Goldberg

HR Generalist

Sergei Davidov

Content writer

Tami Nardia


Artur Shalumov

Software engineer

Suzan Ejura

Tech Support

Jose Agustin

Tech Support

Kolahn Garcia

Tech Support

Dean Holness

Tech Support

Paul Denny

Tech Support

Juan Jose Machado

Tech Support

Tajay Quest

Tech Support

Usman Pervaiz

Tech Support

Rafsun Chowdhury

Tech Support

Rizwan Mirza

Tech Support

Sami Al Gaffer

Tech Support

Saransh Jain

Tech Support

Sean Jay

Tech Support

Dario Santacruz

Tech Support

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