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Build WordPress Websites Your Way! 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

* Limited time offer, T&Cs apply.

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.

The price above includes Israeli VAT based on your billing address.
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Pay securely with any major credit card, Stripe, or PayPal

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.

The price above includes Israeli VAT based on your billing address.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked. Pay securely with any major credit card, Stripe, or PayPal

* Limited time offer, T&Cs apply.

The above prices do not include applicable taxes based on your billing address.
The final price will be displayed on the checkout page. All plans renew annually at list price

The price above includes Israeli VAT based on your billing address.
 All plans renew annually at list price

Fast & Secure WordPress Hosting

Exceptional Performance
At Scale

Our custom technology stack, optimized for Elementor-built sites, leverages the best infrastructure providers in the industry.

Faster Than
The Competition

Customizable caching technology that accelerates page loading speeds.

Google Cloud
Platform C2 Servers

Powerful cloud hosting primed for high load and scalability.

Cloudflare CDN with Over 285+ Locations

Fast website loading wherever your visitors are located around the globe.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Every Elementor Hosting plan includes free SSL and premium security features and monitoring.

Proactive Measures

You get multi-factor authentication, regular security software updates and strict enforcement of access patterns.

Swift Detection & Response

You’re protected with several layers of advanced monitoring tools including real-time cloud detection and protection services.

Neutralizing Potential Risks

DDoS and WAF safeguards block malicious traffic and prevent potential fraudulent flooding of large amounts of traffic to your website.

Migrate Your Site to Elementor for FREE

Seamlessly transfer your website to Elementor Hosting with zero bumps in the road.

One Click Migration

Migrate your site in a click. Move 1GB sites in <30 minutes. We’ve partnered with Migrate Guru, and if you need help, we’re here!

Dedicated Support

Our team of migration specialists is available to assist you for a seamless experience throughout your website migration process

Stored on Our Servers

The website migration relocates your site to our servers, ensuring that it doesn't impact your original website.

Build Great WordPress Websites, We'll Take Care of The Rest

Create the website of your dreams in record time with Elementor Hosting

  1. Start from a pre-made kit or an empty canvas.
  2. Edit with the included Elementor Builder.
  3. Publish and promote!

What customers are saying...

“Good work, This can easily speed up development, and the builder looks very user-friendly. Definitely recommend Elementor Hosting for my clients”.
Ahmad Thahir
“In short, you've made my life a whole lot easier, and my sites a lot snappier. I'm definitely going to keep using Elementor Hosting for my clients”.
Tim Ray
"As a creative director that looks to optimize their development and launching process, this is whole new level of efficient!"
Valentina Lugo

Supercharge Your Experience With Plans That Include Elementor Pro

No Hidden Fees. Great Value. 

Elementor Hosting includes everything you need to build a successful website, and more! Here are just some of the things we offer as an integral part of every package, whereas Hostinger wants you to buy a more expensive package for them.

Elementor Hosting

Everything included. Transparent pricing.


Competitor Package

Comparable price with SSL, backups, and builder features.

Features Elementor Hosting Competitor Package
Free Premium CDN Yes No
Priority Support Included Yes No
WooCommerce Fully Supported Yes No
Object Cache for WordPress Yes No
On-Demand Backup Yes No

Compare Our WordPress Hosting Plans

Pick the plan that’s right for you
Features ListLiteBasicBusinessGrowScale
your subscription
Features Lite Basic Business Grow Scale
Number of WebsitesThe number of unique WordPress websites you can build and host in the same subscription. Hosting is powered by Google Cloud where WordPress and Elementor Pro Website Builder are pre-installed for easy, one click setup.111Up to 3Up to 10
Monthly VisitsThe estimated monthly visitor traffic your website can easily handle.5K25K50K75K100K
SSD StorageThe amount of storage allocated to handle your needs for storing images, files, databases and other website assets. We use the latest solid-state (SSD) technology to give you the best storage and transfer performance available.5GB10GB20GB25GB40GB
Monthly BandwidthThe approximate amount of data you can transfer per month with this plan. Bandwidth usage is the total amount of data downloaded by all users visiting the website during the month.10GB30GB50GB75GB100GB
Peak Scaling OptimizationElementor Hosting’s advanced cloud infrastructure makes sure each website can use the entirety of the resources in the plan, scaling them in time of peak performance.StandardStandardAdvancedAdvancedAdvanced
Automatic Daily BackupAutomated daily website backups ensure that your website will be backed up consistently and allow you to restore in case of need. Days of backups stored vary from one plan to another.1 Day14 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
On Demand BackupManually back up your website, as often as you want, and easily restore in time of need.NoYesYesYesYes
Staging EnvironmentA place to safely test new features and make changes without disrupting the live version of your website. Each website gets its own staging environment.NoNoYesYesYes
Site CloningEasily duplicate an existing website with all its design, content and functionality, saving time and effort in creating a new site from scratch.NoNoNoYesYes
Features Lite Basic Business Grow Scale
Visual Drag & DropYesYesYesYesYes
Responsive DesignsYesYesYesYesYes
25 WidgetsYesYesYesYesYes
Revision HistoryYesYesYesYesYes
Custom Code & CSSNoYesYesYesYes
Form BuilderNoYesYesYesYes
Popup BuilderNoYesYesYesYes
Ecommerce FeaturesNoYesYesYesYes
Dynamic ContentNoYesYesYesYes
82 Pro WidgetsNoYesYesYesYes
Features Lite Basic Business Grow Scale
AI StarterNoYesYesYesYes
Image Optimizer 5KNoNoYesYesYes
Features Lite Basic Business Grow Scale
AI StarterNoPremiumPremiumPriorityPriority
Image Optimizer 5KNoNoPremiumPriorityPriority

Hosting & Building
Support in One Place

Get premium support from highly trained professionals who are ready to answer any question via email or 24/7 live chat.
*Lite Plan includes support for hosting only


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Google WordPress Hosting

Building the perfect website should feel like something other than rocket science. Yet, wrestling with complicated hosting setups, slow-loading pages, and a never-ending quest for the right website tools can leave you exhausted and disillusioned. You dream of a seamless solution that doesn’t sacrifice creativity for performance.

Every minute spent deciphering server settings or fixing outdated plugins is a minute you’re not growing your business, writing the next viral blog post, or connecting with your audience. Sluggish websites send visitors running and tank your search engine rankings, putting all that hard work to waste.

What if you could eliminate the technical struggles and focus solely on building a stunning website that truly represents you or your brand? Introducing Elementor Hosting, where the world’s most popular website builder, Elementor, meets the speed and security of Google Cloud’s infrastructure. Say goodbye to complicated server configurations and hello to lightning-fast websites, intuitive design tools, and exceptional support.

The Promise: Simplified, Streamlined, and Supercharged

Elementor Hosting empowers you to craft beautiful, high-performance websites effortlessly without any technical wizardry. Whether you’re a seasoned web pro or a novice, you’ll find everything you need to create visually impactful, conversion-optimized online experiences.  This means you get to spend more time doing what you love and less time tangled up in confusing tech.

Are you ready to ditch the website headaches and unleash your full creative potential? Let’s explore the incredible benefits of Elementor Hosting, which is designed to supercharge your online presence.

The Perfect Pairing: Google Cloud Platform and Elementor

Elementor: The Ultimate Website Builder

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a website without touching a single line of code, Elementor is your answer. This intuitive drag-and-drop website builder puts the power of professional design at your fingertips. From eye-catching landing pages to fully-fledged online stores, Elementor provides the flexibility and creative freedom you need.

  • Effortless Customization: Drag, drop, resize, and tweak content elements like text, images, videos, and more with complete visual control. No coding skills are required!
  • Stunning Templates: Kickstart your project with over 100 expertly designed website kits – a perfect mix of beauty and functionality that suit different niches and styles.
  • Advanced Features Galore: Access a vast toolkit of widgets, theme-building capabilities, WooCommerce integration, form builders, popup builders, and dynamic content options that empower you to create the exact website you envision.

Elementor streamlines the website-building process, ensuring everyone, from beginners to web developers, can effortlessly turn their ideas into stunning online realities. Whether your ambition is crafting a sleek portfolio, a thriving online store, or a content-rich blog, Elementor provides the framework to deliver an unforgettable user experience.

Google Cloud Platform: Performance and Reliability

When your website runs on Google Cloud, you’re tapping into the vast infrastructure that powers search engines, YouTube, and countless global businesses. Here’s what sets Google Cloud Platform apart:

  • C2 Servers: Optimized for speed and power, ensuring your website loads fast and handles traffic surges with ease.
  • Scalable Resources: Your website’s performance effortlessly scales to match your growth, avoiding unnecessary downtime or sluggishness as your audience expands.
  • NVMe Storage: Experience ultra-fast data transfer speeds, boosting website responsiveness and minimizing load times.

Think of Google Cloud Platform as the supercharged engine under the hood of your website. It guarantees exceptional performance, unyielding reliability, and room to grow. No more bottlenecks or surprises when you need your website to perform at its absolute best.

The Benefits of the Partnership

By combining Elementor’s intuitive design tools with Google Cloud’s power, you unlock a host of benefits that traditional hosting setups simply can’t match:

  • Seamless Integration: Elementor Hosting is meticulously engineered for optimal performance on Google’s platform, ensuring a smooth user experience for you and your website visitors.
  • Speed Gains: Get ready for lightning-fast page load times thanks to Google’s infrastructure, Cloudflare’s CDN, and optimized WordPress configurations.
  • Streamlined Processes: Say goodbye to juggling multiple providers or configurations as you have a one-stop shop for building and managing your website.

Website Building Unleashed with Elementor Hosting

Pre-installed WordPress and Elementor Pro

The moment you sign up for Elementor Hosting, you have everything you need to start building your dream website. Both WordPress and Elementor Pro come pre-installed, saving you valuable time and effort compared to traditional hosting setups.

  • Instant Creation: Skip the tedious installation processes and technical hurdles. Your website-building journey starts as soon as you log into your Elementor Hosting account.
  • Significant Cost Savings: Enjoy both Elementor Pro’s premium features and a year’s subscription bundled into your hosting plan – a saving of $99 per year!

100+ Designer-Made Website Kits

Need a gorgeous website in a hurry? Want inspiration to fuel your ideas? Elementor’s library of over 100 professionally designed website kits is your secret weapon. These full website templates cover a multitude of industries and styles:

  • Beautiful and Ready-to-Use: Browse kits for business websites, portfolios, blogs, online stores, landing pages, and more. Each one is carefully designed for aesthetics and functionality.
  • Perfect for Quick Starts: If time is of the essence, simply choose a kit and customize it to suit your brand. This approach enables you to launch a stunning website in record time.
  • Spark of Inspiration: Even if you prefer to build from scratch, these kits are a powerful source of inspiration, sparking innovative layouts and design patterns.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, Elementor’s website kits will empower you to create beautiful websites you can be proud of.

Elementor’s Toolkit (Widgets, Theme Builder, etc.)

At the heart of Elementor lies a dynamic array of tools that give you full control over every aspect of your website.  Let’s break down some of the highlights:

  • Core Widgets: Your Building Blocks
    • Headings, Text, Images, Videos, Buttons, Spacers, Dividers… These fundamental elements form the backbone of your web pages and are effortlessly added via drag-and-drop.
  • Advanced Widgets: Unleash Your Potential
    • Forms, Sliders, Testimonials, Social Media integration, Pricing Tables, Countdown Timers, Galleries…these more specialized widgets open up new possibilities for interactive, engaging content.

Think of these widgets as an artist’s palette, full of colors and tools to craft your masterpiece. With a little exploration, you’ll discover endless ways to transform your ideas into reality.

Elementor’s Toolkit (Widgets, Theme Builder, etc.)

  • Theme Builder: Master Your Appearance
    • Ever wanted to design your own headers, footers, single post templates, or archive pages? The Theme Builder makes it possible without relying on a pre-made theme. Take complete control over the overall look and feel of your website, ensuring consistency across every page.
  • WooCommerce Builder: E-commerce Simplified
    • Create fully customized online stores that blend seamlessly with your brand. Design everything from product pages and shopping carts to checkout experiences with effortless visual editing.
  • Popup Builder: Grab Attention, Capture Leads
    • Build eye-catching popups, opt-in forms, slide-ins, and banners without separate plugins. Trigger them based on user behavior, set display rules, and drive sales or email list growth.
  • Loop Builder: Dynamic Content Management
    • Construct custom-designed blog post grids, image carousels, and dynamic listings using WordPress content types. The Loop Builder gives you a granular level of control, perfect for crafting bespoke website sections.

These are just a few examples of how Elementor empowers you to go beyond basic templates. Whether you need stunning landing pages, robust online stores, or feature-rich blogs, you have all the tools within the powerful Elementor ecosystem.

Elementor Image Optimizer

Images bring websites to life, but bulky, unoptimized images are a major culprit behind slow load times. Here’s where Elementor Image Optimizer comes to the rescue:

  • Automatic Optimization: No more manual resizing or compression! As you upload images, the Image Optimizer takes care of adjusting file sizes and formats for an ideal web display.
  • Improved Page Speed: Smaller image files mean faster loading of pages.  This keeps visitors engaged and gives you a definite edge in search engine rankings.
  • Streamlined Workflow: One less technical detail to worry about. Create visually stunning content, and let Elementor Hosting handle image optimizations behind the scenes.

The Elementor Image Optimizer is like a silent ninja working effortlessly to keep your website fast and agile. You get to focus on creating your best content without compromising on image quality.

Blazing Performance, Rock-Solid Security

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

When you choose Elementor Hosting, your website benefits from one of the world’s fastest and most reliable Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Over 285+ Global Locations: A CDN strategically places your website content (images, videos, files) on servers all around the world.  When a visitor accesses your site, the content is loaded from the server closest to them, minimizing distances and dramatically speeding up load times.
  • Advanced Caching:  Cloudflare stores copies of your site’s resources at the “edge” of the network. This reduces requests to your origin server, which further improves speed and lowers bandwidth costs.
  • Load Balancing: When traffic surges, Cloudflare intelligently distributes the load across its servers, preventing crashes and ensuring your website remains accessible.

Think of the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN as a superhighway system for your website’s content, guaranteeing a smooth and lightning-fast experience for visitors no matter where they’re located.

WordPress-Optimized Caching

Caching plays a crucial role in any high-performance WordPress setup. Here’s what Elementor Hosting does to maximize speed gains:

  • Object Caching:  Storing frequently used database queries in memory (RAM) means subsequent requests get results without hitting the database every time, a major performance boost for dynamic websites.
  • Browser Caching:  By instructing visitor browsers to save resources like images and stylesheets locally, repeat visits become noticeably faster as files load from their computer instead of your server.
  • Caching Headers: Special instructions within site headers help determine how long certain content types stay cached by the CDN and visitor browsers, optimizing website behavior for peak efficiency.

These might seem like technical details, but their impact is profound. WordPress-specific caching layers ensure the most critical parts of your website load and perform at their absolute best, delivering a consistently snappy experience to your visitors.

High-Tech Efficiency: Brotli, Minification & More

Elementor Hosting embraces modern web technologies to push your website’s speed to the absolute limit:

  • Brotli Compression: A superior compression algorithm compared to older methods like GZIP, it ensures smaller file sizes for images,  JavaScript, and CSS.  The result is your content transmits faster to browsers, enhancing load times.
  • QUIC Protocol: Streamlines web communication processes, reducing round-trip delays and resulting in noticeably snappier initial page loads.  It is especially beneficial on mobile devices.
  • Automatic HTML, CSS, and JS Minification:  Removing unnecessary formatting and comments within code shrinks files substantially, further improving delivery times.

These seemingly intricate optimizations may work behind the scenes,  but their cumulative impact on your website speed is profound. Elementor Hosting demonstrates a continuous drive for high performance at every level of web technology.

Secure by Design

WordPress’s popularity sometimes attracts unfavorable attention from bad actors. Elementor Hosting takes your website security seriously, deploying proactive and automated safeguards designed to keep you protected:

  • Cloudflare’s Security Layers:  Built-in protection against sophisticated attack vectors like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more.
  • Premium SSL: An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate encrypts traffic between your website and visitors, making data interception far more difficult. Elementor Hosting includes premium SSL as standard.
  • Advanced Certificates: Options like HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) force only secure HTTPS connections to your site, adding an extra security layer.
  • WordPress-Specific Safeguards: Regular updates, proactive firewall rules, and continuous monitoring provide an ironclad defense against known WordPress vulnerabilities.

Support When You Need It, Tools That Empower You

Priority Support with 24/7 Live Chat

Whether you encounter a technical issue with your hosting or need help creating a specific design feature with Elementor, you have access to a dedicated support team ready to assist. Here’s why this matters:

  • Quick Troubleshooting:  No more scouring forums or waiting days for an email response.  Connect with experts via live chat for swift resolution of any problems you encounter.
  • Website Guidance:   Have a burning question about a widget, layout, or advanced Elementor feature? Get clear guidance directly from the source.
  • Peace of Mind:  Knowing you have access to knowledgeable and responsive support whenever you need it instills confidence as you take on new website projects.

Elementor understands your success is their success. This personalized, premium support system ensures you never feel stuck or frustrated with either your hosting environment or your website-building process.

WordPress Management Made Easy

Elementor Hosting isn’t just about speed and features; it’s designed to streamline the tedious task of managing the nuts and bolts of your WordPress website. Here’s how:

  • Staging Environments: Need to test new plugins, major updates, or radical design changes? A staging environment creates a safe, isolated copy of your website to experiment without impacting your live site.
  • Daily Backups + On-Demand Backups:  Like an “undo” button for your website, backups protect you from losing critical data in case of hacking, technical errors, or user mistakes. Elementor Hosting performs daily backups with options to initiate on-demand backups anytime.
  • Site Cloning: Want to replicate your successful website as a starting point for another project? Easy site cloning saves you hours of rebuilding work.
  • SFTP and DB Access: Advanced users who need precise control have secure access (SFTP) to modify file structures or (phpMyAdmin) to manage databases directly.

You should feel like you’re in control of your website. Would you like to explore another facet of the support and tools included with Elementor Hosting?

Effortless Domain Connection and More

Connect Your Domain or Start with a Free Subdomain

Whether you already own a domain name or are just starting out, Elementor Hosting has you covered. Here’s the flexibility you get:

  • Connect Your Existing Domain:  Easily associate the domain name you already own with your new hosting plan.  If you need help, Elementor provides clear guidance and documentation for the process.
  • Free Subdomain Option: Need to be ready to purchase a domain? No problem! Get started instantly by assigning a temporary subdomain within the Elementor Hosting system. This lets you build while making your big domain name decision.

Eliminating complicated domain setup processes lets you spend your energy on what matters: building your fantastic website!

The Value You Receive

We’ve covered a lot – the speed, security, features, and support included in Elementor Hosting.  Yet, what might surprise you even more is how cost-effective this premium solution is:

  • Quantifying Savings:
    • Elementor Pro ($99/year value)
    • Premium CDN by Cloudflare ($248/year value)
    • Premium SSL ($60/year value).

All these essentials are bundled directly into your hosting plan, resulting in significant savings compared to purchasing them separately. Not only do you enjoy a streamlined experience, but your wallet benefits as well!

Affordable and Feature-Rich: Elementor Hosting demonstrates that high-performance,  easy-to-use WordPress hosting doesn’t have to break the bank. It strikes a remarkable balance between affordability and the essential tools you need to succeed online.


Throughout this exploration, we’ve discovered that Elementor Hosting is much more than just a place to park your website. It’s a launchpad for creativity, a catalyst for online success, and a trusted partner in your web journey.  Let’s recap the key advantages:

  • Seamless and Powerful: Eliminate the friction between building and hosting with this fully integrated experience powered by Elementor and Google Cloud.
  • Blazing Speed: Supercharge your website with performance optimizations geared towards fast load times and satisfied visitors.
  • Unwavering Security: Enjoy premium protection and proactive safeguards against malicious actors seeking to disrupt your online presence.
  • Empowering Support: Gain peace of mind knowing you have skilled experts on your side, ready to guide both your hosting and Elementor questions.

Unleash Your Potential

Ready to ditch website frustrations? Done with piecing together different providers? Are you eager to create stunning websites that convert and rank well in search engines?

Get The Perfect Hosting for Your Next Elementor Site