My Elementor

My Elementor is your Elementor account home. Here, you are able to easily access all your Elementor connected sites, manage your account profile and billing details, get support, and quickly navigate to the Elementor Experts network, as well as the Affiliates area. Dashboard Your “My Elementor” dashboard consists of 3 main areas. The Top Panel contains […]

FAQ for Elementor 3.0

Elementor 3.0 is a major version and includes some substantial infrastructure changes.  Before you upgrade to v3.0, please make sure you backup your site, and if you’re using any 3rd party addon for Elementor, make sure it has compatibility for Elementor 3.0. Check the 3rd party addon’s changelog for any notes that indicate they’ve made […]

Site Identity

Control your site’s identity, including its Site Name, Site Description, Logo, and Favicon right from Elementor’s Site Settings. From any Elementor page or post, click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Widget Panel, then navigate to Site Settings > Settings > Site Identity Site Name: Enter the name of your site. Site Description: Enter a […]

Security FAQ

Elementor takes its responsibility to create secure plugins seriously. Our developers are highly trained to write safe, secure code, and we monitor for vulnerabilities. However, as with all software, even with the level of expertise and scrutiny that we employ, vulnerabilities can sometimes occur. As such, there are things that every web creator should know and […]

How To Find An Elementor Expert

Click on the Find an Expert link in the header. An unfiltered list of all experts will be displayed. Experts may specialize in multiple areas and have various skillsets.  Use filters to find narrow down the results and find specific Experts that suit your needs. You can filter your search by Expertise, Service types, Skills, Pricing, Location, and Language.  You can choose experts […]

Elementor #461

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