Shayne & Melli

Shayne & Meli

Shayne & Melli

are a husband & wife

wedding photographers.

They travel around

the World 

and design

their own websites

Shayne was born in South Africa, grew up on a little island called Mauritius, met his wife in Zanzibar, and today they are based in Erlangen, Germany.

“We shoot weddings all over the world, and so far we’ve shot over 150 weddings. During the wedding season we travel to a new country almost every weekend. We needed a platform that matches our lifestyle: flexible and on the move”.

Shayne & Meli's work
Shayne & Meli

of Style

“We already had a really amazing website for our photography business. It was designed professionally, it was perfect. But over the years our photography style has changed. It became moodier, more adventurous and outdoorsy.”
A Change
Shayne & Meli's work
Shayne & Meli's work

“We needed something that speaks the same language as our new style. That’s how we ended up experimenting with web design”.


“We’ve learned design mainly through trial and error, by playing with all sorts of things. We took a quick course on HTML & CSS. We then started to design sites in photoshop and replicate them. Today we’re able to build complex sites - we’ve built a whole membership website, with education, account access and a tonne of really cool features, all by ourselves”.
Learning Through
Shayne & Meli's work
Shayne & Meli's work

“I'm inspired by things that make me "feel". It doesn't matter who made it or how big they are in their industry - if what they've put out reaches my heart - I am genuinely inspired by it.”

& On the Move

Our lifestyle: flexible
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Shayne & Meli

The Future

“I would love to have a few successful online businesses that would allow us to slowly step away from the wedding photography. Not that we have anything against wedding photography, we still absolutely LOVE it, but we are now a young family and the travelling on each weekend is starting to be a bit more difficult.”
Plans for

“No matter the challenges, Africa will always have a special place. We met in Africa, lived in Africa, worked in Africa, fell in love in Africa and just as much; fell in love with Africa.”

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Shayne & Meli
Shayne & Meli's work

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