2018 Year in Review

It’s been one heck of a party!

If 2016 was the year of Elementor’s birth, and 2017 the year of its growth, 2018 is the year Elementor exploded into the mainstream and became the new standard for WordPress web design. We managed to go beyond page building and create an industry-leading website builder that deals with almost every aspect of the site.

Before we dig into what happened in 2018, here’s a quick summary of Elementor by-the-numbers:


55 Employees

Elementor has quickly grown to be one of the largest companies in the WordPress world. Our dedicated team joined forces to accomplish our vision.

23 Happiness Engineers

Our support team includes 23 supporters from around the world who speak 10 different languages, while our official language remains English.

90% Satisfaction Rate

We get an astounding average of 400 support tickets every day! 90% of our users are happy with the service they received from our support agents.


120 Videos Produced

This year we produced a lot more videos, and even built our own in-house studio for frontal productions.

50K YouTube Subscribers

It's inspiring to see the growing numbers of subscribers. The most commented video was 'Recreate a Blog Design' with 177 comments.

13,966,683 Minutes of Views

With a broad spectrum of tutorials and tips, there’s always a new skill to learn, for all levels.


30K Elementors​

Our Facebook community reached 30K, and it hosts many heated debates. Our community posted 27,517 times, reacted 214,860 times and commented 221,220 times!

A Global Community

There are over 30 different Elementor Facebook groups, including location-based groups for Brazil, Israel, the Philippines, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Germany.

Thank you for being part of our family along this exhilarating year. We appreciate your shares, comments, feedback, likes, and especially your choice of Elementor as your preferred web creation tool.

Exciting features, growing community, creative tutorials, promising addons…

To be continued in 2019!

The Elementor Team