Cyber Monday FAQ

Cyber Monday 2022

The discounted price only applies to the year you purchased it and will not carry over to next year’s renewal.

Elementor subscriptions can only be purchased for one year at a time.

No coupons are needed. We made everything super easy for you! The discount is automatically applied at Checkout. 

The Black Friday sale discounts do not apply to renewals. If you are an active Pro plugin subscriber, this is the best time of the year to consider upgrading your plan to a higher one, as our Black Friday sale applies to new purchases and upgrades only. 

The sale discount can only be applied to purchases made during the Black Friday sale period, which is from November 22nd until November 30th, 2022


If you’d like to take advantage of the Black Friday discount you can upgrade to a higher Pro plugin plan and create more websites, or alternatively purchase an Elementor Cloud Website plan, and get the full discount. Simply go to, upgrade your plan, and save BIG!

Even though you’re eligible for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, you will not be allowed to repurchase a discounted subscription if your refund was granted between November 15th, 2022 to November 30th, 2022. The exception is if you want to apply the refund towards an Elementor Cloud Website Builder subscription. In that case, you can get the discount.

If your license is not expired, you can upgrade it.  


When upgrading your subscription, we will subtract the value of the days left for your current subscription after the discount is applied. Once upgraded, your subscription’s annual billing cycle period will restart. 

You will see your final upgrade+discount price at checkout. 

In short – No. Sale discounts only apply for new purchases and upgrades made during the sale period. Moreover, our 30-day refund policy applies only to purchases of new Elementor Pro subscriptions and cannot be used for the upgrade of existing plans. 


You can, however, take advantage of the sale and upgrade your current subscription to a higher tier at an even bigger discount.   


Check our plans and features here If you want to upgrade, simply go to and upgrade!  

If you received the refund any time between November 15th to November 22nd, you are not eligible for the Cyber Monday sale discount.

It’s not possible to apply two promotional discounts for the same purchase. In any case, the Black Friday sale offers the biggest discount of the year, so take advantage of this special opportunity until November 30th, 2022. 

The price of all plans are shown in the pricing table. Note that at checkout, you will be credited for any unused portion of your current plan.

You will not lose anything.  You will be refunded with the prorated value of your current plan, and the upgraded plan will start a new subscription billing cycle. The final price will be reflected during check out.

Once you are ready to upgrade, follow these steps:


  1. Go to and log in to your account and click “Subscriptions”.
  2. Click on “Upgrade”.
  3. Enter your payment details.
  4. Your license will immediately be upgraded.

We accept PayPal, all major credit cards and Stripe.   

An expired subscription will not affect your website’s online status. However, it does mean that you won’t have access to valuable features and benefits. If you do not renew your subscription, you will lose access to the following:


  • Pro widgets and features will be locked
  • You won’t get new releases or security updates 
  • Access to Pro website kits and templates will be closed or limited  
  • Premium support will be discontinued
  • Early adopter discounts will not be renewed
  • “Legacy Expert” subscriptions purchased before March 9th 2021 will be canceled indefinitely


Your existing projects will remain intact, but to keep your websites in working form for the long run, it is highly recommended to renew your subscription on time.

If your Cloud subscription expires and you choose not to renew after our reminders,    the following actions will take place:


  • Your website will be suspended which means that your domain will be reachable by visitors but your administrative access will be restricted. 
  • After 10 days of being suspended, your website and WordPress administrative dashboard will not be available. 
  • You will have 70 days from the expiration date to renew your subscription. You can renew your subscription directly from the dashboard. Once you renew, your website will be fully restored.
  • At 70 days after the expiration date, if you have not renewed your subscription your website and data will be deleted. 
  • You will receive email warnings prior to every stage. 


We always recommend keeping the auto-renew setting on to prevent this from happening so you can enjoy continuous, uninterrupted service.    

We always work diligently to further develop Elementor and make it the best choice for web creators. 


In 2022, we released major updates which included improved capabilities and new widgets, Flexbox Containers, Loop Builder, eCommerce enhancements and we still have big plans ahead. You can expect Elementor to continue to deliver the most cutting-edge and optimal website creation experience for years to come.

Of course! If you have a valid license, just deactivate the plugin from the previous domain in your account via Subscriptions> Connected websites, install both Elementor Core and Elementor Pro plugins and activate the license on the new domain.


For more information and a general FAQ go to or feel free to contact us.

Elementor Cloud Website Builder provides an end-to-end solution that includes all the features and benefits of Elementor Pro plugin but also includes hosting and WordPress installation. Instant setup means a hassle-free experience that saves you time and energy.

The Elementor Page Builder plugin allows you to utilize all the professional features offered by Elementor. To use it, you will first need to purchase hosting with a WordPress installation and then download and install the Elementor plugin.

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