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Discover a selection of tools specifically tailored to enhance your Elementor-powered website.

The Add-ons page aims to provide Elementor users with a popular list of tools that can enhance their websites while using Elementor. We see this as an opportunity to foster stronger collaboration with companies in the Elementor ecosystem. In our vision, by leveraging these connections, we will be able to establish partnerships that will enable us to create smoother workflows for our users. These partnerships allow us to establish a working relationship with these service providers, ensuring that they fulfill the expectations we have for our users.

To ensure the agenda for this page is met,  we ask our partners to commit to certain service level aspects. For instance:

  1. Partners need to ensure compatibility with the last three versions of Elementor.
  2. Proactive communication – Partners  need to keep us informed about any potential issues in advance. This way, we can collaborate and prevent any potential damage to your websites, or at least make sure you are aware of this in advance.

Only partners that will fully commit to not only these two, but  all of our requirements – will be presented on this page.

Please note that other than the commitments mentioned above, we currently do not have a process in place to check the code or security aspects of these services. While we can vouch for their proven experience in helping Elementor users, we will not be able to guarantee anything beyond that at the moment.

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