June 16, 11:00am (EST)

Get curious. Be inspired. Create your future.

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June 16, 11:00am (EST)

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Get curious. Be inspired.
Create your future.

Thank you for watching!
Missed out or want to watch again? On Demand is coming soon!



Deep dive into the fascinating world of web creation with our iconic industry-leading speakers. Fuel your curiosity, find inspiration, and discuss the future of the web and your place in it.

The world is not going backwards. Technology always wins, and the world is constantly innovating without waiting for you to catch up. In this talk, Gary will help prepare you and your business for the road ahead.

People think that making a living as a professional web creator involves things like full stack coding, a knowledge of CSS etc. Those are a GIVEN. What actually matters are the soft skills. Things like empathy, awareness of genre, resilience, etc. This is a talk about building a practice, a chance to move up within an organization or as a freelancer, by doing work that matters for people who care.
While leading digital marketing efforts globally for Fortune 500 companies like Estée Lauder, Revlon, and Nike Swan created memorable campaigns to change the way consumers feel about brands, and interact with them. Evoking emotion to drive attention, Swan championed bold ideas including unexpected spokespeople like Colin Kaepernick for Nike or Gigi Gorgeous for Revlon, innovative technology, and pushing representation boundaries. In this presentation, Swan shares lessons from her work, and how web creators can take advantage of the same ideas to grow their own brands and businesses.
Designing Elementor’s new website is any designer’s dream project. In this panel we will discuss how the Design team led this effort using a unique design process and rich design system, the balance between business goals and design freedom, together with the many challenges and successes along the way.

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