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The Nominees

Electric Car
Claudia Bot – Tide Design
Covid-Related Photo Journal
Jordi Carot
Sound Producer
Camelia Filip – Chamilyon Agency
Luxury Fashion Online Store
Shahzad Khan
Web Design Agency
Billie Argent – Passionate Digital Agency
Web Design Studio
Jovan Lakic
Web Design Studio
Bartosz Dronka & Frederik Reder
Web Design Agency
Gaetano Sorangelo
Web Design Studio
Sharnae Newey
Online Gift Store
Melodie Fox
Fitness Club
Jovan Lakic
Hotel Group
Chris Campbell
Five by Five
Web Design Studio
Enrique Figueroa
Travel Blog
Lexie Hadley / ThaiFolk Studio
Consulting Agency
Web Design Agency
Alfonso Caravaca & Belén Lorca
Online Typeface Store
Billie Argent – Passionate Digital Agency
Web Design Studio
Khaysino Kasar
Web Design Studio
Grenade Studio, Scott Ritchie – Pixelshifter
Online Homewares Store
Custom Water Fittings
Chris Lettner – The Weather
Creative Studio
Gary West Jr.
Coffee Machine Manufacturer
Jona Eisenberger & Jonas Käppeler
Interior Design Agency
ABC Creacion Digital
Sid Puri
Cross-Cultural Leadership Coaching
EPIC – A Creative Agency
Web Design Studio
Shyam Singh
Social Awareness Campaign
Limo Comunicazione
Design Studio
Billie Argent – Passionate Digital Agency

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Prizes for our voting audience will be randomly selected from our list of participating voters.

All winners will be announced in January 2022 right here on our blog and across our social media channels.

We will contact all winners by email.

In the unfortunate event a winner does not respond with the required information within 72 hours of being contacted, their prize will be forfeited.

Yes. However, we encourage you to spread the love and make the most of your daily credits!

Our team of judges is comprised of our professional web designers, Elementor experts, and editorial staff – each with vast experience.

Only websites that were featured in our monthly showcases of 2021 were eligible for our year-end showcase.

From an initial pool of 100+ websites, this was further narrowed down to 30 contenders (with great difficulty we might add!).

The selection criteria used for the shortlist is the same one our panel of experts will follow for our final top 10 list.

Our judging panel will score submissions based on:

  1. Design: User interface and user experience as well as the usage of design features. Is it responsive so it works equally great on different devices and resolutions?
  2. Functionality: We might just have a strong preference for the website to be built with Elementor. Does it work as intended? For example: do the buttons activate properly?
  3. Performance: Does the page load correctly? How fast does it load? Is there any lag?

For the full list of prizes, please see our full terms and conditions.

Yes. If a web creator has been nominated for more than one website and happens to win on separate entries, they are of course eligible for multiple prizes.

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