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Elementor Hosted Website

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with Hosting built-in
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Google Cloud Platform

Elementor is based on Google Cloud Platform, trusted by top-tier companies for world-class security and reliability.

CDN By Cloudflare

Our Content Delivery Network by Cloudflare uses distributed servers worldwide so visitors are automatically directed to the closest server.

Custom Domain Connection

You’re in total control of your domain. Connect your custom domain, set it as primary and associate your Elementor Website to your brand.

Create your best website and
don’t sweat the technical stuff.

Get everything you need, all in one place: Hosting, WordPress pre-installed, a world-class secure platform, and all the Elementor Pro web-creation tools you need for complete design freedom. We’ve got you covered!

Meet Your

Take complete control of everything associated with your website from one environment. With the ‘MyElementor’ dashboard, you can perform numerous actions including connecting your domain, running backups/restore and more.
My Elementor

Grow Your Business
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100GB bandwidth for a top site experience
100K monthly unique visits, ready for your traffic
20GB of storage for all your content and assets
Solid specs

Count on Trusted

SSL Certificate Bundled with industry-trusted SSL from Cloudflare. SSL adds another layer of security to your website.
Daily Backups Automatic backup performed every 24 hours. Run manual backups as often as you like.
Site Lock A work-in-progress website can be kept private until it's unlocked or viewed with a passcode.

Premium Support

Premium Support powered by 24/7 live chat for timely responses to your queries
customer experience

Keep your WordPress plugins - no fuss, no mess.

Elementor is fully compatible with other popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast, Wordfence, Smush, ACF and more.

All features included at one predictable price.

Price is fixed with no additional costs throughout the process.
What you see is what you pay.



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Elementor hosted websites are perfect for web creators who want to focus on building their professional website hassle-free. This end-to-end solution gives you everything you need in one place: WordPress Managed Hosting, Elementor Pro website builder, Theme and Premium support, all tailored together to provide a seamless building experience and top performing websites. Additionally, it can be an excellent solution for anyone building websites for clients as it enables a straightforward handoff process and makes it easy for them to maintain.

Our WordPress Hosting plans include everything you need to start building your own website; fast Managed WordPress Hosting, Elementor Pro website builder and Elementor Hello Theme. Including:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform
  • Elementor Pro Website Builder
  • Secure CDN by Cloudflare
  • Free SSL certification by Cloudflare
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Monthly visits 
  • Bandwidth
  • Free custom domain connection
  • Free Email domain authentication
  • Free subdomain under
  • Auto backups (varying by plan)
  • Staging environment (available for some plans)
  • Premium Support for additional Members (varying by plan)

You get all the benefits of Elementor Pro Website Builder, including the drag & drop editor, all Pro widgets, features, kits and templates. PLUS, you get support for everything, from editing to hosting, all in one place.

Elementor Hosting subscriptions includes the sending of up to 100 emails per day from your website, including form submission emails, purchase confirmation emails, admin notifications, or other events that trigger email sending.

Once you have a custom domain, you can also connect and authenticate your emails with your domain name to make sure your site visitors get your website emails via your fully branded email address.

Note, the subscription does not include email hosting services. You can sign up to 3rd party email services via Google Workspaces, Office 365 or any other provider of your choice and it’s a good opportunity to use your custom domain name to create personalized email addresses.

A custom domain helps to associate your company’s brand to your website and makes it easier for visitors to find you. The process of registering your domain isn’t difficult, but it’s important because your domain is your website’s unique address. Elementor does not currently offer registration services however there are many well-known registrars available in the market such as Google Domains

You can easily connect your custom domain to your Elementor Cloud Website through the My Elementor dashboard. For a detailed explanation, check out our article on Adding Your Custom Domain.

Your website will continue to run normally.

Currently we do not charge for overage, however in the future, as with many other hosting services, if you exceed your plan’s allotted resources, you will be billed for overage fees at the rate of $1 per month per 1GB in excess and $1 per month per 1,000 visitors in excess. 

We will notify you at least a month in advance before we put such a policy into effect. You will be alerted if and when you consume 80% of your allotted resources.

Your website is fully hosted on Elementor servers in Belgium. We do all the heavy lifting around server maintenance so you can focus on building your website.

Note that CDN is built into our offering in order to give you the best possible website availability and performance. This means we provide you with a geographically distributed network of servers and data centers. CDN takes load off the origin server and if one location becomes unavailable, another location serves the content. With content distributed across many locations worldwide, applications can handle higher traffic volumes. Additionally, this distribution helps users reach your website faster loading content in less time. Website owners should be aware that different countries may have different regulations regarding information security requirements and the location of servers. If there are any questions regarding this topic, please reach out to us.

You can transfer your website at any time to any hosting provider, without restrictions. There are 3 main methods to export your website:

  1. You can use Elementor’s Import/Export feature
  2. Use WordPress’s built-in export functionality and import it to your new host.
  3. You can also export and download the latest backup to your local computer and import it on your new hosting.

As Elementor hosting plans include the Elementor Page Builder Pro plugin, please note that you would need to purchase one of the Elementor Pro plugin plans so that all of your Elementor Pro features will work properly on your site with your new hosting provider.

Yes, you can definitely build more than one website using one subscription. You can purchase a multi-website plan that includes up to 3 or up to 10 websites.

Most major plugins are fully compatible with your hosted website on Elementor. Some plugins are blocked because they are incompatible with Elementor Pro, while others clash with some of our built-in services, including security, backup, and optimization. You can find a list of currently incompatible ones in the article Elementor Hosted Website Incompatible Plugins.

We monitor for malicious behavior of websites and will stop websites if we suspect they have been hacked. That being said, we do encourage you to take additional steps to guarantee your website’s security.

Similar to security, there are multiple types of optimizations. You do not need to install any plugin that helps optimization through caching. However, if you have large media files, for example, you might want to install plugins that improve image loading. 

There is no need for additional backup plugins. We provide daily backups, and you can manually back up at any time.

Absolutely not. The subscription price is charged annually. We offer a first year discount and renewals on List Price, which includes all the hosting and Elementor Pro features described above. 

Currently we do not charge for overage, however in the future, as with many other hosting services, if you exceed your plan’s allotted resources, you will be billed for overage fees at the rate of $1 per month per 1GB in excess and $1 per month per 1,000 visitors in excess. 

We will notify you at least a month in advance before we put such a policy into effect. And you will be alerted if and when you consume 80% of your allotted resources

Everything can be managed from the My Elementor dashboard. That’s where you can access your WordPress dashboard, connect a custom domain, set your primary domain, turn Site Lock on and off, manage backups, restore the website if needed, and all other useful actions.

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