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then $24.90 $19.90 / month for one website

Build Your
Website Effortlessly

Fully Hosted by Elementor

Elementor Cloud has built-in hosting, providing you with a reliable and seamless website creation experience

WordPress Preinstalled

Elementor Cloud websites
are created directly within WordPress, freeing you of any hassle

Focus on Website Creation

Your website has Elementor preinstalled with access to all Elementor Pro features and widgets. All that’s left for you to do is start creating

The Ultimate Elementor Experience

Hosting & Storage

Elementor Pro

Website Builder

The Ultimate
Elementor Experience

Try Elementor Cloud FREE for 21 Days

then $24.90 $19.90 / month for one website

Top Features for Your Professional Website

Elementor Pre-Installed

Your Elementor Cloud website includes Elementor, Elementor Pro and Hello Theme

Connect Your Domain

Bring your own domain and connect it
to your Cloud website for FREE

SSL Certificate

Elementor Cloud websites come ready
with the highest security standards
and certificates

Daily Backups

Your Elementor Cloud website will be backed up
automatically every 24h

Site Lock

Provide a unique code to view your website while it’s being worked on

Premium Support

Our support agents are available to assist you
with any issue you might be facing,
big or small

Supports All Major WordPress Plugins

enhanced wordpress experience

Your Elementor Cloud website supports the installation of top professional WordPress plugins and services, providing you with the freedom to further enhance its abilities.

Elementor Cloud
is in Beta

We'll be improving and adding more features and capabilities to the platform in the coming months. This is so that we can ultimately provide you with the best experience possible.
then $24.90 $19.90 / month per website


Elementor Cloud provides you with a 21-day trial period in which you can try the product free of charge, to use on one website. During this trial period, all of Elementor’s cloud capabilities will be available for you.

In short – everything. During the trial period, all of Elementor’s cloud capabilities will be available for you, so you can go ahead and start creating.

Your website is fully hosted in Elementor Cloud servers. We do all the heavy lifting around server maintenance while you can focus on building your website with Elementor.

Once the trial expires or the subscription is terminated, you will not be able to access your website’s WordPress dashboard. The website itself will become unreachable. To restore your website, please renew your subscription and contact support.

Try Elementor Cloud FREE for 21 Days

then $24.90 $19.90 / month per website