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HostPapa & Elementor: Recommended WordPress Hosting

Get WordPress optimized hosting from HostPapa with Elementor Site Builder already pre-installed! Enhanced speed and performance for WordPress with built-in security and monitoring for extra protection. Award-winning support team available to you 24/7.

Elementor Trusted By Top WordPress​ Professionals Designers Developers

Elementor Trusted By Top WordPress​ Professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elementor hosting?

Elementor hosting is a hosting service for WordPress sites, which comes with an easy 1-click installation of WordPress and Elementor. It offers a fast, reliable and secure hosting environment for WordPress websites.

Why Choose HostPapa + Elementor?

Here in Elementor, we get a lot of support issues related to the level of service received from the hosting company. This is why we teamed up with leading hosting providers, to provide the best hosting solution for Elementor websites.

What if I am Having Problems with Hosting?

Hosting is a dynamic service. Even Though this is a premium hosting service, problems may occur for various reasons. This page is in no way a guarantee that your experience will be 100% hassle free with the hosting service.

We keep a close eye on support issues, and if an issue arises we work together with the hosting service to offer the quickest and best solution.

To get answers for more questions, visit our help center or contact us page.