Make Text Designs That Stand Out

Use our Text Path Widget to attach your text to predefined or custom shapes for full design flexibility.

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Bring Your Text Layouts To Life

Use the Text Path widget to seamlessly create one-of-a-kind designs for your website.

Design Original Text Paths

Pave your own way and make your website standout by attaching text to any path you want. Choose from our list of shapes to create text that waves, arcs, or spirals!

Design Original Text Paths
Shape Your Text, Your Way

Shape Your Text, Your Way

Let your imagination run wild and experience complete design freedom by uploading your own custom shape to create a text path that’s perfect for your website.

Stylize Your Text Paths

Control everything about your text path including the size, shape, color, position, direction and spacing. Show or hide your text path according to your design preferences.

Stylize Your Text Paths

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WordPress here I come!"
Justin Easthall
Justin Easthall

Create Text Designs With Elementor’s Text Path Widget

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