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Create Stunning Price Tables

Add simple, yet clearly differentiated pricing tables, that showcase your plans beautifully

Be Creative

Design Price Table Live. No Shortcodes or fluff

Showcase your pricing plans in a flexible and stunning fashion, including elements like ribbons, features, discount and every aspect of the price table. 

Price Table options

Header Title

Showcase and design the title of each pricing plan so your visitors never miss your offer

Price, Currency & Period

Customize your plans for ANY price, currency and billing period, for maximum flexibility

Sale Mode

Get more conversion during sales by displaying the previous and current price


sold over 50K
$ 49
  • Up to 10 users
  • 10,000 ui elements
  • Phone support
  • Analytics service

Features List

Describe the various features and benefits of your products to help your customer make the right choice

CTA Button

Get your user to join your service or buy your product with the right CTA message

Special Ribbon

Put extra emphasis on one or more plans with a beautiful ribbon that has a custom message

Endless Boxes Combinations

Design options​

Whether it's a restaurant, Café, diner or pub, you can be sure your menu will always look delish​

Hover Effects​

Get your price tables to draw extra attention by incorporating hover effects​

Background & Border​

Experiment with backgrounds and borders to set your price tables apart​

Color & Typography​

Add a unique color & typography style to your price table​

Design Beautiful
Price Tables

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