Create Attractive Restaurant Menus With Price List

Use a simple drag and drop visual editor to design pixel-perfect menus that match your restaurant style

Build Menus, Catalogs and More

Use the Price List widget to give your items a distinctive look. Perfect for menus, catalogs, product lists and any other list of featured items

showcase Food & Drinks

Built for restaurants, bars, coffee shops & diners

Visually customize every aspect of your menu, and present your dishes in the most mouth-watering way

Be Creative

More than text. Create astonishing visuals for your price list

Using the price list, you can customize each item on your list and set a different heading, description, price, image & link

Mobile first

Build 100% mobile responsive Menus for any device

Use Elementor’s mobile editing tools to make sure your menus look perfect on any device, mobile, desktop or tablet alike

Advanced Price List Options​

Whether it's a restaurant, Café, diner or pub, you can be sure your menu will always look delish​

Size & Spacing​

Take care of every detail of your list's layout, including size and spacing​

Border & Background

Play around with different borders and backgrounds for a perfect fit​

Color & Typography​

Set the right color & typography for each item on your list​

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WordPress here I come!"
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