Improve Site Navigation Using
Nav Menu Widget

Horizontal, vertical or dropdown? Make your menu truly unique by customizing its look and feel without using coding.

Customize Your Menus Without Code

Make a great impression when your visitors first land on your site


Choose the menu style that works best for you

Customize every detail of your navigation menu: menu-type, direction, alignment, sub-menu indicators, and more


Build a truly responsive menu

Explore the responsive capabilities of the Menu widget, including the dropdown and hamburger options


Use animations, hovering effects and other styling options

Style menu items for normal, hover or active states, with complete control over typography and color


Decide which menu type fits your site best

Choose whether your menu will be horizontal, vertical, full-screen, hamburger, and more

Advanced Reviews Widget Options

Pointers effects that highlight interactions

Optimize navigation with size and spacing customizations and pointer interactions

Animations that enhance engagement

Bring your menu content to life with hover animations as navigation indicators

Right inside your site header

Build your navigation bar inside your header, alongside your site logo, social buttons and other widgets

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WordPress here I come!"
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