Create WordPress Login Pages Like Never Before

Use our drag & drop Login widget to build login forms and pages on WordPress

Customize a Stunning Login Page

With a quick drag and drop, you can add a WordPress login form to any page, and fully customize the form's fields, button, background and other styling options

drag and drop

Add Login to Any Page on Your Website

The simplest way to add a login form to any page. Drag, drop and you’re done!

Be Creative

Designing Beautiful Login Forms Has Never Been Simpler

Customize your login forms and change their color, typography and other styling options

Advanced Login Options

Take control over your login pages using this flexible widget

Button & field design​

Make sure your login form fields and button fit your site design​

Redirect after login​

Redirect your visitors to any page after they login​

Custom label​

Optimize the typography and colors to get more people to share​​

Create the Perfect
Login Page

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