New Feature: Maintenance Mode – Easily Create Under Construction & Coming Soon Pages

Today, we explain in detail about a new and important FREE feature: Elementor Maintenance Mode for WordPress. This is the simplest & most visual way to create under construction and coming soon pages on WordPress.

WordPress maintenance mode In Elementor

What is maintenance mode?

When your site is set to Maintenance Mode, it means users other than administrators cannot use or view your site while maintenance is taking place, or before the site has launched. Instead, those users see a maintenance mode page or a coming soon page, informing them of the fact that the site is temporarily unavailable.

The site administrators, on the other hand, still have access to the site, so they can test it and make sure the site is fixed or is ready for launch.

There are many situation when your site would need to be set as maintenance mode. Changing a site's design, fixing a bug, launching a new site... These are just some examples of situations when you would want to be able to see the website yourself, but present an under construction or coming soon page to visitors.

To set WordPress Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon, first save your maintenance mode or coming soon template.

Next, Go to Elementor > Tools and choose between coming soon and maintenance.  

Now, choose the template you saved earlier. You can also use one of our pre-designed templates.

When you set Maintenance Mode, you will see a red button on your top WordPress bar with the text: "Maintenance Mode ON". 

Elementor Maintenance Mode & Search Engines

Basically, every time you visit a website, before the website itself even loads, your browser requests that the page returns a response regarding its status.

That response tells users, as well as search engines, what the current status of the page. Is it live? Is it down for maintenance? Perhaps you reached a broken link...

Maintenance Mode - When you set Elementor's Maintenance Mode on, it will make your site tell search engines that your site is temporarily down for maintenance. It does so by sending the temporary maintenance response (HTTP 503). This way, search engines know to come back a short time later to check again if the site is already online.

Coming Soon - Setting Elementor to Coming Soon, on the other hand, makes your site tell search engines everything is working as normal, and they can index the website as usual. This is done by returninng a response of HTTP200.

Until now, you had to use third party plugins to go into maintenance mode in WordPress. The problem with these plugins is that they usually feature a limited variety of pre-made designs. Moreover, with Elementor you can set WordPress maintenance mode without a plugin, just using Elementor.

WordPress Maintenance Mode: Setting access roles

You can set the specific roles that will have access to the site in development.

This way you can control who, apart from Admins, has access to the site while it's under construction or coming soon. These roles include Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors and 

In the future, pro users will also be able to include a login form, to make sure just the right people get into the site while on maintenance mode.

9 New Free & Pro Maintenance Mode Templates

To help you get a jumpstart on using the new feature, we are releasing 9 new and stunning maintenance mode & coming soon templates. Check them out:

Even though under construction and coming soon pages have recurring patterns, like a big headline announcing the maintenance mode, a timer and an update subscription form, there still are a lot of design possibilities to explore when you set your own maintenance mode and coming soon page. 

This is why we have created 9 different under construction and coming soon templates for you to use as the basis for your customization. These are available in our template library.

Been wanting to add a new feature for your site for a while now? Then use our new feature, go on maintenance mode, use one of our beautiful maintenance mode templates, and work on your site to make it better for your visitors. With Maintenance Mode, you don't ever have to dread your visitors seeing a white screen of doom.


Besides saving you from installing a separate plugin for WordPress maintenance mode, the new feature allows you to fully customize the design of your maintenance mode and coming soon pages. 

When you set maintenance mode, I recommend also using our Canvas template, and setting up a page that doesn't have the header or footer of the site.

If you've designed a unique under construction or coming soon page, send it over and we might feature it in this blog.

About the Author

Ben Pines

Ben Pines is Elementor's CMO. He has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years, specializing in content marketing. WordPress has been Ben's platform of choice since the time when it was only used to blog.

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  1. youve been busy again. everythings just getting more and more complete. great!

    but now i really want to have a possibility to call cpt custom fields from within elementor. and everything would just be even greater and completely beat up every other competitor!
    how are your plans on this???

  2. Sorry, I’m using google translator because I do not speak English.

    Congratulations, again, last week I was researching a page template under construction, since ever since I started using Elementor, my life has changed. My address is in the Northeast of Brazil, a region that is poor in financial resources, I am design by talent but I live the dream of living exclusively in the production of websites. But to make sites equal to others is not my beach … with Elementor I could enjoy the freedom to create my own design. I am a Christian and I believe that all things cooperate for the good of those who love God … so I am deeply grateful to God and to you who inspire us every week with Elementor, I am a user of Elementor Pro and I am very, very, Very happy with all this. God bless everyone on the team and one day I will have resources to visit you. Amen.

  3. Again an impressive and very welcome update. We love to have as less plugins as possible, so this is just awesome. Thank you!


    Now that you offer so many wonderful templates in the builder, please consider add a filter bar. I would be a time saver / decision helpen if you could filter on ‘free’, ‘pro’ or type like ‘contact’, ‘about’, ‘coming soon’, etc..

  4. What I’d really like to see is a company like yours give me a plugin compatible with your editor that allows me to create funnels and keep the pages together in a particular funnel. It is hard to organize funnel pages in WordPress without it getting unwieldy to sort which is which. There is a program called Learn-Dash that does this really well with training now we just need the same type of program for funnels.

  5. This is amazing! One suggestion: allow certain pages to be under maintenance while others are live. This way you can keep your home page and with a CTA button live for your visitors while you work on other pages.

  6. Is it possible to enter a read more tag in the text editor or should i buy the pro version. That’s not a problem because I buy it anyway. Want to let you know that you deliver an excellent and user-friendly product. Greeting from Holland from Rob

  7. I have been creating wordpress sites for over 5 years and in that time have experienced many inferior wordpress products. Nothing i have found comes close to Elementor, it is a cut above everything else.

    Thank you for developing such a wonderful product

  8. Thanks for this update Ben and Team. Outside of the Pro release, this latest update is easily my favorite release to date! You guys keep upping the bar. Great job guys n gals of Elementor!

  9. I should also add that the new beta testing approach was really helpful and an enjoyable experience to see what was coming and have the opportunity to not only get intimate with it prior to release but also help ensure it is a solid release. Thank you!

  10. I am very glad you guys are stepping up to bring us key features that exists in other 3rd party plugings that relied on Elementor. Please add someof the innovative features into the main plugins. WE TRUST YOU MORE.

  11. Just amazing I’ve been using this system for a whole year It helps me in promoting the site in Google and the customers I build new sites Thank you for the help and amazing supplement that changed my business

  12. I set up the Maintenance Mode which displays as expected on the front end but now I can’t log in. When I go to my Under Construction page is displayed. How do I get access to my Dashboard?

  13. I should’ve asked this sooner, but how do we get the template examples you showed above? Right now, each of my Elementor Pro installs needs a template created first for use of the Maintenance Mode feature, so obviously they’re not available that way. Is there a download available? Thanks for the great products!

    1. The idea of maintenance mode is that you are working on the site, so things can go wrong. For this reason using maintenance mode will show the user a Maintenance mode page telling the user to come back later.

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