What is Domain Privacy?

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Domain privacy protection is a service that keeps contact information anonymous by replacing authentic contact details with those of the privacy service and randomly generated email addresses.

Why Do You Need Domain Privacy?

ICANN requires those registering a domain to give registrars current personal data such as name and contact number, which they must publicly display. Furthermore, the WHOis directory is a widely used database of registered domains. 

One can use it to search for domain details, such as owners and their contact details, domain purchase dates, expiry dates, and more. This type of information is essential should a problem arise regarding a domain, such as ownership confirmation. 

Therefore, ICANN requires it to be made public. However, this public sharing has drawbacks, primarily that anybody, including unsolicited marketers, spammers, hackers, and domain hijackers, can find your information online and use it as they please. Therefore, many domain name registrars offer a domain privacy service at a fee to keep names and personal details private. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law protects the PII of people in the EU. The GDPR’s ruleset determines how personal data is stored, used, and collected. 

However, there is still the issue of onward sharing. Even if a customer’s information is protected (redacted), registrars can but are not obligated to extend redaction to other domain customers unless explicitly forbidden by a registry. Obtaining a proxy or privacy service can counteract onward sharing but not eliminate it.


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